sentinel-soccer-ns-newsNorth Shore News – May 13, 2016

Sentinel Spartans defeat Argyle Pipers in the North Shore junior girls soccer finale.

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Update – February 2015

Nicole is on her way back from Columbia and has had a fantastic experience racing against and meeting young athletes from the Pan American countries. The competition was the inaugural Pan American Cross Country Cup. ‎It was held in Barranquilla, Columbia. Canada sent 6 athletes to compete in the Junior women’s race, under 20 years old. This team placed first on the 4.8 km course, beating the USA by only 2 points. The race conditions were very difficult, especially for athletes from the northern climates. It was 32 degrees and humid! One of the Canadian junior men passed out from heat exhaustion 200m from the finish, one of the Canadian senior men dropped out of the race part way through. Nicole had an individual finish of 8th place overall, she was the 3rd Canadian across the finish line. 48 Athletes competed from 13 countries. The top four finishers on each team accumulated scores that counted towards the team’s placing.

Canada, Athletics (AthleticsCanada). “Canadian Junior women take the team gold at #PanAmXC2015”. 22 Feb 2015, 17:06 UTC. Tweet

Update – December 2014

Nicole Hutchinson qualified for the Canadian National Junior Cross Country team, November 29-30, 2014, at the National Championships. She ran a great race, running up an age group against mostly 18 and 19 year olds. It was the coldest day of the year — ice, snow, sub-zero temps, the works! On top of that, just before the race, her bag with her spikes and warm clothes disappeared. This would rattle most people but not Nicole. She simply borrowed some spikes from a teammate and proceeded to run a great race. A huge congratulations to Nicole for her ongoing progress.

“I started running when I was in Grade 1 at West Bay Elementary School. My principal at the time had started a running club, and as both my brother and sister had joined, I was anxious to join as well. It might interest you to know that the Principal was, in fact, the very same Ms. Nelson that is currently the District Principal of the West Vancouver School District’s Premier Sports Academies. Because of Ms. Nelson’s running club, I soon realized that I really enjoyed running.

I went to all the running club practices and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to run in the cross country meets. Ms. Nelson left West Bay to start the hockey academy at Sentinel and I went on to participate in the elementary school cross country meets from Grade 2 onwards. I had to get special permission from the new Principal of West Bay to compete as a Grade 2 student in the Grade 3 race.

When I was deciding which high school to go to, I wanted to go to Sentinel for the soccer academy, but also because I had heard about Sentinel’s strong cross country program. The cross country coaches were incredibly nice and encouraging. All the other runners were so much fun! After my first high school race, I vowed not to ever run again because it hurt too much. Of course, I was back running the next week, and the next after that.

In grade 8, I finished in 2nd place, Bantam Girls Division for the North Shore District. I qualified for provincials and my goal was to make a top 50 finish, as I had no idea what the competition would be like. I was nervous about racing against all the older girls, as the race was open to all high school girls from Grades 8 to 12. There were close to 300 racers at the start line! In my first provincial championships experience, I placed 18th in the province.

This year, as a Grade 9, with plenty of training and mental preparation, I competed. The race course was much harder and I placed 6th in the province. Next year I plan to train even harder and hopefully keep climbing up the ladder.

This year, the Sentinel Cross Country Team was the only team in the province to qualify two girls’ teams for provincials. The coaches are extraordinary and the Sentinel team has now won the ‘AAA’ banner four years running. I really hope that we can keep this streak going, as I feel it truly improves team morale to be part of a winning team and makes everyone try harder to keep that lead going!”

1st Place Finish: Individual Cross Country British Columbia Championships 2012

The race course, held in Prince George, B.C., was tough: snow, ice, mud and a killer hill that the organizers had to salt and pour gravel on to keep safe. (Go to for photos.) All our female female athletes had long spikes; Nicole had 13mm nails in her shoes! They were essential because it was a nasty course.

After the first lap, Ms. Ritchie and I were waiting anxiously. In the team meeting the night before, we had talked about a top-10 finish for the team and maybe top-3 for Nicole. And then, over the crest of the distant rise, there she was. Nicole was in first, and no one was near her. She was up by 100 meters after one lap. This was truly unbelievable. All the North Shore coaches were excited and we were over the moon. Then the blue wave began. We had four girls — Nicole, Michelle, Janna, and Kelsey — all in the top 50. Mia and Kye were not far behind. When Nicole came around again and was heading for the finish line, the lead was diminished, but she hung on and took the BC Championship. She left everything on the course and was basically unable to stand or speak afterwards. It was a gutsy, gutsy performance.

Written by Hugh Wilson, Teacher/Coach: Sentinel Secondary


Placed 1st Youth Women 4km BC Athletics Provincial Cross Country Championships 2011
Placed 1st grade 8-9 girls 3000m
BC High School Provincial Track Championships 2012
Placed 2nd girls 15 2000m BC Athletics Provincial track Championships 2012
Placed 3rd girls 15 1500m BC Athletics Provincial track Championships 2012
Placed 2nd girls 15 BC 3km Athletics Cross Country Provincial Championships 2012
Placed 1st BC High School Cross Country Championships 2012
Placed 1st at the 2013 BC Athletics championships in the 1500m
Placed 1st 2014 BC High School championships 3000m
Placed 3rd BC High School championships 1500m
Placed 4th 2014 Canadian Nationals Junior 1500m
(as a youth aged athlete)
Placed 3rd 2014 Canadian Nationals Junior 4 x 400m relay member (as a youth aged athlete)
Placed 3rd 2014 Canadian Nationals Youth 3000m
Placed 3rd Stanford University High School Cross Country 5km
Placed 2nd 2014 BC High School Cross Country Championships 4.3km
* Placed 6th 2014 Canadian National Junior Cross Country Championships (as a youth aged athlete)

* This last result has qualified her for a position on the Canadian National team going to the NACAC cross country championships, competing in Barranquilla, Columbia (February 2015)
and, at the World Junior Cross country championships in Guiyang , China (March 2015)


Pamela Villavicencio

Looking back, Sentinel Secondary was the place that really got me ready for where I am now. With the Soccer Academy, I got used to living in a routine and to long days of training. I would go to school in the mornings, and then either do weight training or practice my skills within the academy. After school and participating in the Academy, I would regularly have club training in the evenings.

I was at Sentinel Secondary from grade 8 until grade 11, and then I made the difficult decision to go to Florida for my last year of high school. I moved to a sports boarding school in Florida where I would be doing what I was doing at SentinelPamela Villavicencio, just at a higher level. This transition was very easy for me because I was already familiar with trying to balance a demanding schedule. Most of the girls that had moved to this new school had never been on a weight lifting program, and they weren’t used to training so many hours in a day. However, that wasn’t the case for me.

Sentinel prepared me perfectly for the duration and intensity. Not only did Sentinel prepare me for the school in Florida, but it also prepared me for the Mexican U20 National Team.

Recently, I was invited to camp, and I trained with the U20 National team. Similar to  having trained in Florida, the days were long and difficult. We had double sessions every day and did weight training three times per week. Again, I did not feel like I was doing something new, and I fit in with the girls that were already used to this strenuous routine.

Sentinel helped me develop as an athlete, and I am thankful for everything that I learned because if I had never gone to Sentinel’s for both academic and athletic reasons, the transition into the school in Florida or the National team would have been difficult for me.


Callan Evans

Karate Tournaments and Achievements throughout the past 4 years.

Vancouver Cup – May 10th, 2008
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kata – Silver
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kumite – Silver

World Wado Kai Tournament – August 22, 2008
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kata – 5th
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kumite – 4th

Duncan Karate BC Open Championships – Nov. 22nd,2008
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kata – Silver
12/13 Boys Advanced/Black Kumite – Bronze

Zone 5 Qualifier – January 10, 2009
12/13 Boys Elite Kata – 5th
12/13 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze
Team Kata – Silver

BC Provincials – May 9, 2009
14/15 Boys Advanced Kata – Gold
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Nationals – July 23, 2009
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – 5th

Zone 5 Qualifier – January 9, 2010
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver
BC Provincials – January 23, 2010
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Wildcard

Selections Tournament
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Nationals – March 20, 201014/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze

Zone 5 Qualifier – December 11, 2010
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Gold

BC Provincials – January 23, 2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze

Sato Cup – Feb. 5, 2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze

Washington State Invitational (USA Qualifer) – Feb. 13/2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – 5th
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze

Selections Tournament – Feb. 19, 2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Steveston Invitational – February 26, 2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – Bronze

Nationals – March 18, 2011
14/15 Boys Elite Kumite – 5th
14/15 Boys Team Kumite – Bronze

Zone 5 Qualifier – October 23rd – 2011
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Gold

Provincials – November 27, 2011
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Selections Tournament – January 14, 2012
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Steveston Invitational – January 28, 2012
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Silver

Washington State Invitational (USA Qualifier) – February 11, 2010
16/17 Boys Elite Kumite – Gold
18 (&Over) Boys Elite Kumite – Gold

Club name Hollyburn JKF Wado Kai Karate
Club Affiliation: Canadian Zenkuren Wado Kai Association
JKF Wado Kai 2nd Degree Black Belt


Tobias Koch

“My name is Tobias Koch and I am a 2012 grade 12 graduate from Sentinel Secondary. My 5 year high-school journey has been nothing short of amazing thanks to the many teachers and coaches, including Ms. Nelson; who have touched my life in profound ways. Reflecting back, all of the sports I have participated in while at Sentinel have played a key part in my success; kind of like following a recipe.

Step 1: Enrolling in the soccer academy for 4 years enhanced my skills, passion and leadership as a competitive soccer player. Playing 5 years on both the junior and senior Sentinel Soccer teams allowed me to form friendships,become a leader both on and off the field, manage my time effectively between academics and sports and… win the 2010 North Shore AAA Banner, Zone Championship Banner and placed 4th at the BC High school 2011 Provincials.. memories I will take with me forever. Skills transferred over to my West Vancouver club team where we were crowned BC Provincial Champions in July 2011.

Step 2: Mix becoming part of the Sentinel student community with every opportunity you get. Inspiring teachers and coaches introduced me to other sports which I thoroughly enjoyed like cross country running with outstanding coaches like Mr. Wilson, Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Al. They encouraged me every step of the way, and our senior team enjoyed winning the North Shore AAA Banner this year and Sentinel sent 3 teams to Provincials ( a first for any school). Highlighting my cross country running were the trips to Hornby Island for pre-season retreats. Amazing friendships formed and incredible memories made!

Step 3: Step out of your shell and take the uncomfortable plunge by trying something new. This past year I was encouraged by Mr. Grikis to tryout for the Rowing team. I never imagined I could find 2 sports that I would be so passionate about! Although a “newbie” I am excited to see where this next journey takes me. SFU rowing team? Who knows what the future may hold, but I know it is wide open for me “ to take on” and I know I will do so with the confidence and abilities gained during my years at Sentinel.

Step 4: Combine sportsmanship, dedication, commitment, team play, encouraging others + amazing and outstanding coaches and teachers = the perfect recipe for success. Time management, organization, holding high academic and athletic expectations have paid off for me in ways that I could never have imagined.

End result: I have been accepted to the Mechatronics Engineering program at SFU starting in September. With my Surrey SFU Entrance Scholarship, Ted Pelly Memorial Scholarship, Spartan Principal’s List and Honour roll for past 5 years, Sentinel Athlete of the Year 2012 and North Shore 2011-12 AAA Soccer All star selection tucked proudly under my arm, I know my next pathway will be as fulfilling as it was at Sentinel. The Soccer Academy opened so many doors on so many levels. It has been a truly outstanding life’s journey!”


Shant Basmadjian

“My name is Shant Basmadjian and although I am a student at Sentinel Secondary and participate in the Premier Soccer Academy, I am also a Nationally-ranked fencer.

The idea of participating in fencing began as a way to help me gain entrance to university, but soon it became a sport I enjoyed and wanted to exceed in. As well, my older brother had been fencing since the age of 12 and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the sport. I started fencing when I just turned 14 and it didn’t interest me very much, but as I slowly progressed, I soon discovered that I could make fencing a committed hobby.

After participating in provincial tournaments and qualifying for the Western Canadian Championships, my results allowed me to participate in the Nationals.

I recently took the trip to Saskatoon for the 2011 Fencing Canadian Nationals and it was an experience I will never forget. Having competed with a number of difficult competitors, I managed to secure myself in the top 8 in the ages of 17 and under. The highlight of the trip was winning the gold medal in U15 by beating some of the best nation-wide fencers for my age.

Through all the fencing tournaments and competitions I’ve been participating in, I learned the importance of good sportsmanship, and not giving up when your odds of winning seem low. When I started fencing I didn’t like it at first, but I didn’t stop pursuing it and now thinking back on it, I am extremely thankful that I continued.

I look forward to expanding my success in fencing and I hope I will be able to fence for the rest of my life.”

Excerpt from North Shore News Article
Jan 23, 2013 -” Brother points the way for West Van fencer”

WHEN West Vancouver’s Shant Basmadjian wants to sharpen his focus before a big day, he just finds his older brother Haig, takes him down to the basement and tries to stab him.

Haig doesn’t mind – he’s stabbing right back. No, they’re not pirates or gangsters or psychopaths – they’re competitive fencers.

“Before tournaments, if I feel like I need a bit more training just to get back into it, I’ll ask him. ‘Hey Haig, put on the sweater, let’s go downstairs and fence a little bit,'” said Shant. “It’s good. He helps me out a little bit, gives me some tips.”

It’s a little bit of side action that their coach, Zbigniew Pietrusinski of the North Vancouver Fencing Club, doesn’t seem to want to know about.

“They don’t tell me about that,” Pietrusinski said with a laugh. The coach, however, is hoping that Shant is at his sharpest this week as he embarks on a tour that will take him across the continent to three of the biggest tournaments in his young career. First up is the North American Cup this week in Louisville, Ky., featuring the top juniors from Canada and the United States. Next up is a Canada Cup event in Kingston, Ont. where Shant will compete in the cadet, junior and senior sabre divisions on three consecutive days. The last stop will be the biggest of them all, a World Cup event in Phoenix, Ariz., against the top juniors in the world. It’ll be Shant’s first crack at a global event and he’s hoping it’ll spur him on to other successes, including catching up to 20-year-old Haig in the sibling rivalry.

“My brother, he’s participated in many World Cups, he’s gone to various NACs (North American Cups) and he also went to the Canada Winter Games,” said Shant. “The other day I was just going through the medals because I was working on my portfolio. I would (find) like one for me and then five for my brother. One for me and then 10 for my brother.”

Shant has had his successes too. Last year he won a national title in the under-15 division. Fencing is a novelty for most Canadian kids but Shant, who grew up playing soccer, followed his brother into fencing and has grown to love it.

“I tried it and I slowly caught on,” he said. “It’s a mind game. You’ve got to predict what your opponent is going to do, you’ve got to figure out what you’re going to do to your opponent, where you’re going to attack. A lot of people say it’s like a chess game. It’s really tactical.”

More Information:

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