Inglewood Secondary (ISS) is a tier 3 Alternative School located in the heart of West Vancouver. Inglewood is an inclusive school supporting diverse, equitable, alternative learning opportunities for youth who have experienced barriers to their educational journey. ISS offers high-quality academic programing with specialist staff who have a foundation in trauma-informed teaching and learning. ISS functions as part of a continuum of social/emotional/behavioural supports available to youth in grades 9 – 12 who required additional wrap-around supports in West Vancouver Schools.

ISS has close partnerships with the North Shore Community Resources such as Foundry North Shore, WVPD, VCH, Family Services and other mental health and well-being resources in the community. For students in grades 9 -12 who may be struggling to engage and attend school have the option to attend the Take a Hike Cohort or the RISE Cohort.

The Take a Hike Cohort is for youth in grades 10 -12 and combines land-based learning, academics, therapy and community involvement in partnership with the Take a Hike Foundation. Intake for the Take a Hike Cohort will take place in September and February. More information for the Take a Hike Foundation can be found here.

The RISE Cohort is available for students in grades 9 -12 and will build on students’ resilience, academic achievement and self-efficacy. Intake for the RISE Cohort is open all year and can be a bridge to the Take a Hike Cohort.

Figure 1 Source: Design Principles for Schools from the Learning Policy Institute and Turnaround for Children

ISS aims to allow for varied and alternate pathways to graduation either the 80 credit Dogwood Graduation Program, Adult Graduation Program or a School Leaving Program (Evergreen). All core academics are taught by teachers trained in each specialized academic area.

Courses offered at Inglewood:

· English 9 – 12 and English First Peoples

· Social Studies 9 – 11

· Social Justice 12

· Math 9, Foundations & Pre-calculus 10, Foundations 11, Workplace 10 & 11

· Science 9 & 10, Environmental Science 11


· Active Living 11 & 12

· Art and Art Therapy

· Outdoor Education

· Foods and Nutrition

· Careers, Career Life Education (CLE) and Career Life Connections (CLC)

· Self-Efficacy

· Academic Strategies

· Independent Directed Studies

· Work Experience


This schedule will be flexible when events and community activities arise. The Take a Hike Cohort will be on daily out-trips on Wednesdays starting later in the month of September.

Time Monday – Thursday Friday (1:30pm Dismissal)
8:30am – 9:30am Breakfast Breakfast
9:30am – 9:45am Cohort Daily Check-In Cohort Daily Check-In
9:45am – 10:30am Class Time Class Time
10:30am – 10:45am Break Break
10:45am – 11:30am Class Time Class Time
11:30am – 12:15pm Lunch Lunch
12:15pm – 1:05pm Class Time Class Time
1:05pm – 1:20pm Break Cohort Daily Check-out
1:20pm – 2:10pm Class Time
2:10pm – 2:30pm Cohort Daily Check-out


These have been adopted to ensure safety, maximum participation and collaboration, and optimal learning in the classroom and on field trips.

BE ON TIME AT THE START OF THE DAY, AND FOR ALL BREAKS: If you cannot make it on time; call ahead and leave a message telling us when you will arrive.

RESPECTFUL LANGUAGE: Swearing and put downs are disrespectful and do not belong in the program. Please express yourself in a pro-social way.

FOCUS: We seek to create an environment that everyone’s voices can be heard and respected. It’s important to pay attention to the activity and speaker at hand. Staff desire to hear your input and understand your thoughts and feelings and will designate time in all activities to give you full attention, should you need it.

KEEP THE CLASSROOM CLEAN: The classroom is shared by many. We strive to create and maintain environments that can and would be enjoyed by others.

MUSIC and/or ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, vape pens, games, etc.’ may not be used during class time, day trips, or multi-day trips.

ABUSE OR VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND: Abuse is defined as anything that is destructive or disrespectful to self or others. Abuse includes: swearing, sarcastic tone of voice, or loud aggressive tone. Anti-social behaviour such as: racism (including jokes), sexism (any comments which put people down based on their gender), homophobia (comments about a person’s sexual orientation) Violence is any physical act which hurts self or another. It includes: Pushing, spitting at another, hitting, scratching, kicking, etc.

RELATIONSHIPS: We strive to create a community where everyone feels welcome. We do this through creating caring individual friendships, and a cohesive group dynamic.

LEAVING THE CLASSROOM/FIELDTRIP: You must check with a staff person before you leave for any reason (including bathroom breaks).

NO SMOKING OR VAPING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS OR FIELD TRIPS: Staff will let you know when and where smoking is permitted.

FAMILY PARTICIPATION: We understand that parents are the experts on their children, therefore parental/guardian involvement is crucial for student success in the program. Participation from family occurs through participation in the students academic and therapeutic process. Should you have concerns about your child’s performance, staff will make every effort to meet with you

Corrine Kinnon, Principal of Inglewood Secondary at 604-981-1099 or ckinnon@wvschools.ca

Name Role Contact
Corrine Kinnon Principal ckinnon@wvschools.ca
Alex Sweeney Secretary asweeney@wvschools.ca
Alaine Anciete Program Manager – Take a Hike, Lower Mainland aanicete@takeahikefoundation.org
Tom Cianfrini Teacher and Case Manager tcianfrini@wvschools.ca
Greg Klemmensen Take a Hike Mental Health Clinician greg@takeahikefoundation.org
Teresa Javier Work Experience Coordinator tjavier@wvschools.ca
Carol Langley School Psychologist & Indigenous Success Counsellor clangley@wvschools.ca
Tara Rodas BCBA trodas@wvschools.ca
Ben Roughton Education Assistant broughton@wvschools.ca
Andy Sidhu Teacher, School Counsellor & Case Manager isidhu@wvschools.ca
Lena Thiessen BCBA lthiessen@wvschools.ca
Chantalle Wigley Teacher & Case Manager cwigley@wvschools.ca

Enrollment for Inglewood Secondary has 2 cohorts. The Take a Hike Cohort will intake new students 2 times a year, in September and in February. The RISE Cohort intake is open all year.

In-District Students

Referrals to ISS are initiated at the school level through School Based Team at one of the West Vancouver School District’s 3 secondary Schools (West Vancouver Secondary, Rockridge Secondary and Sentinel Secondary). Once a school-based referral is made, a meeting is initiated with ISS to have a comprehensive conversation to determine an appropriate fit.

Out-of-District Students

Students who are currently not enrolled in any of the 3 West Vancouver Secondary Schools will need to register first with West Vancouver Schools. All out-of-district requests for ISS are screened by the District Principal of Inclusive Education for appropriate fit.

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