Students interested in the Field Hockey Academy are to complete the Student Information Form. Applications are reviewed by the coaching staff and parents are contacted via the Academy Office.

West Vancouver Schools is committed to offering students excellent training in the sport of field hockey, the second largest team sport in the world. It is played in 100 countries and offers a lifetime of enjoyment while participating and making social connections.

British Columbia is the most active field hockey province in Canada. Both the men’s and women’s National Teams are based in BC and the West Van Field Hockey Academy is fortunate to have some of these elite athletes working within our program.  The Academy is a great way to develop individual skills and tactical game play, while meeting peers from all three West Van secondary schools.

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Varied Skill Levels Accepted

Through a partnership with the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club (WVFHC), student-athletes now have the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of the exciting sport of Field Hockey. The program is open to student-athletes of all skill levels with the intention of providing the best possible field hockey experience. All development training sessions take place during the school day.


  • To develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of the sport of Field Hockey
  • To give each student-athlete the opportunity to reach full potential as both a player and a student.
  • To work in partnership with the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club (WVFHC) to provide athletes with field hockey development training in outstanding facilities and with access to excellent instruction, coaching and training
  • To use the Field Hockey Long-Term Athlete Development curriculum that facilitates the development of Field Hockey players at all levels of participation and to ensure that the experience of training is always appropriate for the developmental stage of the student-athlete
  • To promote a philosophy of long-term participation, performance and enjoyment of the sport of Field Hockey
  • To emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for fellow players, coaches and officials
  • To provide opportunities for increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • To encourage students to have a lifelong involvement in Field Hockey, whether as a player, coach or official
  • To provide awareness of a pathway for higher education opportunities
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The Program Concept

West Vancouver Schools is on the linear system. This means that students, Grades 8-12, are not only able to complete all academic course requirements in the morning, but they are also able to participate in the Field Hockey Academy skill development training every other afternoon, all during school hours.

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Courses Through Participation

Students receive Ministry courses for participation in the Field Hockey Academy, applicable to their specific grade levels:

Physical & Health Education 8
Physical & Health Education 9
Physical & Health Education 10
Fitness & Conditioning 11
Fitness & Conditioning 12

Tuition: $2750 per year. $275 per month x 10 months (in partnership with WVFHC)


The Premier Field Hockey Academy strives to be inclusive. We encourage all students to consider registering as this program as the goal is to accommodate a variety of skill levels, from high performance athletes to those who simply want to learn and enjoy the game.

In addition, we strategically work to create a very positive training environment where everyone is welcomed, accepted, and respected. Do not miss out on this great opportunity for students to be active and engaged all year long.

Contact Information

Ms. Tara Ledingham
Assistant, WVS Premier Academies

Students interested in the Premier Field Hockey Academy must submit the Student Information Form.

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