Students interested in the Badminton Academy must complete the Student Information Form. Parents will be contacted by the WVS Premier Academy Office to schedule an on-court assessment for the student.

West Vancouver Schools Premier Badminton Academy is an excellent program for the student who is very interested in the sport, is motivated to move to the next level as a high-performance athlete, or simply wants to learn and enjoy playing the game.

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Program Goals

  • Develop knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of badminton
  • Provide opportunity for students to reach their full potential both as badminton players and students
  • Use feedback and encouragement to help students increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Provide a positive environment so that students not only enjoy participating, but that they also form great lifelong friendships
  • Educate & meet individual needs to motivate students to stay involved in the sport and to be active for life
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  • Students must be registered full time at Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School
  • Grades 8-12
  • Excellent attendance in all courses
  • Demonstrated ability to meet classroom learning goals
  • Strong work ethic
  • Achievement levels in all subjects are satisfactory

Tuition is $2750 per year. This fee is divided into 10 equal payments @ $275 per month x 10 months (September to June)

Program Details

On-Court Instruction:

The Badminton Academy takes place on Day 1 or Day 2 from 7:00 to 8:10am at Sentinel Secondary School’s main gym. This means that students will partake in the Academy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings one week and then on Tuesday and Thursday mornings the next week. The program will incorporate Level 10 Fitness training when the Academy falls on a Monday and when the Academy falls on a Friday, students will partake in a ‘tournament game day’.


Students participating in the Badminton Academy receive courses for Physical & Health Education 8-10 or Fitness & Conditioning 11-12

West Vancouver Schools Premier Badminton Academy provides the following:

Premier places for learning: Students may attend Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary Schools
Premier Facilities: Sentinel Secondary School’s main gym
Year Long Program: Academy runs September – June
Excellent, qualified & competent instructional staff
Exposure to badminton-specific physical & technical training
Fun & competitive activities

Assessment & Evaluation

Skills & Fitness Assessment

Students’ skill and fitness levels are continually monitored and assessments are provided during the regularly scheduled school reporting periods.

We emphasize the importance of forming successful habits not only in badminton, but also in school and relationships with others. Students are encouraged to be consistent in areas such as: goal setting, focus, work ethic, attitude and effort during both on-court and alternate activity/fitness-specific training sessions.

Contact Information

Ms. Tara Ledingham
Assistant, WVS Premier Academies

Students interested in participating in the Premier Badminton Academy must complete a Student Information Form.

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