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Welcome to the IB Diploma Programme at WVSS!

West Vancouver Secondary School is home to the longest running International Baccalaureate Programme on the North Shore (1988) and we are proud to offer this academic program to students from across the school district. Available in only 14 high schools across BC, the IB Diploma Programme is a rigourous, internationally renowned, university preparatory programme that is respected by universities around the globe. IB is recognized throughout North America as equivalent to first year university courses. Students who achieve well in IB Diploma subjects will generally receive university credit for their efforts.

The IB Diploma attracts curious, versatile, accomplished and intrinsically-driven learners. It aims to prepare students for university success and develop inter-cultural understanding and respect.  IB’s mission is to empower students to create a better and more peaceful world.

The IB Diploma curriculum requires that students complete a two-year high school programme which consists of the study of literature and language, an additional language, individuals and society, the experimental sciences, mathematics and the arts. In addition to its academic demands, students are expected to gain a breadth of knowledge, ideas and experiences as they complete core requirements in Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity Activity Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay (EE).

The Fall 2024 Admissions process is now closed.  The Fall 2025 admission deadline is Jan. 31, 2025.

West Vancouver Secondary IB Programme Overview Video

Pathways to an IB Diploma:

There are multiple pathways to the International Baccalaureate Diploma at West Vancouver Secondary School. Students interested in IB begin by following the BC Provincial curriculum in Grades 8 and 9, with the option of taking Math 8 Enriched and Math 9 Enriched.

The IB pathway officially begins in Grade 10 with our Pre-Diploma Programme.

While the Pre-Diploma Programme is not a pre-requisite for the IB Diploma Programme, it is highly recommended, as it lays a solid foundation for academic success. Current WVSS Grade 9 students and Grade 9 students from outside the school are welcome to apply for our Pre-Diploma Programme.

Current Grade 10 students (PDP or regular) are invited to apply for our two-year IB Diploma Programme which begins in Gr. 11.  Students currently attending WVSS do not need to fill out an application, but must write the IB critical thinking test and then select PDP or IB courses during course planning. The IB Coordinator will contact the students for an interview after this is completed.

Here is a diagram illustrating the various pathways to an IB Education.

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