IB Diploma Programme Fees for IB Students

(those entering Gr. 11 in Fall 2025 who will graduate in June 2027)

West Vancouver Schools offers the IB Diploma Programme as an enhanced program of study. For students entering the two-year IB programme for grades 11 and 12, the total cost is $2,450 spread over two years.  These fees include IB registration and examination fees, IB Retreats, learning resources and administration fees.

Students already attending WVSS:

IB Diploma Programme fees can be paid via your SchoolCash Online account by June 13, 2025.

Students coming from outside WVSS:

Upon acceptance into the IB Diploma Programme, please bring a $500 cheque made payable to West Vancouver Secondary School by April 7, 2025.

IB Registration FeeDue Apr. 3, 2023 for new students; June 15, 2023, for current students$500.00
IB Registration FeeDue Apr. 7, 2025 for new students; June 13, 2025, for current students$500.00
Year 1 FeeDue Oct. 14, 2025$500.00
Year 2 FeeDue June. 13, 2025$500.00
Remaining InstallmentDue Oct. 12, 2027$950.00

*Please note that the IB registration and examination fees may change annually.


  • Pre-Diploma Programme students (Gr. 10 students) do not pay any fees. There is no cost for our PDP programme in Grade 10.
  • Fees for IB Course Programme students are paid in Gr. 12 (approximately $210 per IB course). There are charges for English books and the Kognity online learning platform in Gr. 11.
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