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Admission to the IB Diploma Programme – Fall 2024

West Vancouver Secondary School welcomes students currently in Grade 10 at WVSS or students from any other school or catchment area to apply for admission to its two-year IB Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12.

Application Process for Current West Vancouver Secondary School Students:

WVSS students do not have to complete an application form for admission to the IB Diploma Programme.

WVSS students in a regular Gr. 10 or partial PDP Programme can apply for the Diploma Programme by writing our critical thinking test and selecting IB courses during course planning.

WVSS students currently enrolled in the full Pre-Diploma Programme (Gr. 10) do not have to apply for admission to the IB Diploma Programme.  These students must select IB Diploma courses during course planning.

The IB Coordinator will then screen and potentially interview all WVSS students applying for the IB Diploma Programme.   Students are assessed on their academic potential and motivation.  Strong grades (minimum 80%) are recommended; however, evaluation is holistic.

Application Process for Students from outside West Vancouver Secondary School:

Students from outside WVSS who wish to pursue an IB Diploma beginning in Grade 11, must submit a Diploma Programme Admission Application by Jan. 31, 2024 (or bring it to their testing session Jan. 25, 27, or Feb. 13th, 2024)  will need to take a critical thinking test,  and be interviewed by our IB Coordinator.

Upon acceptance into our IB Diploma Programme, students from outside WVSS must first register online with West Vancouver Schools, then register at WVSS. In-district students from other high schools must transfer to West Vancouver Secondary School and complete the WVSS registration. For more information about registration at WVSS please contact our school registrar, Naomi Fraser at Students will need to provide a birth certificate or passport and proof of residence (a phone bill, rental agreement etc.).

Questions? Please contact our IB coordinator Joanne Pohn at

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