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How is the IB Programme Viewed by Universities?

International Baccalaureate (IB) students undertake one of the most challenging education programmes available to them. They are ambitious, and well-prepared for success — in further study, and in life beyond.

West Vancouver Secondary School’s IB program is the oldest and largest IB Diploma Programme on Vancouver’s North Shore. We are proud of our Highlander tradition of excellence and our former students report that their IB education has given them the necessary tools and prepared them well to succeed at university.

Our IB Diploma graduates have a very high university admission and completion rate, plus enhanced opportunities to win awards and scholarships. In Canada, the IB Diploma is widely accepted and actively sought by universities keen to attract well-rounded, high-achieving students.

Based on performance, a student who graduates with an IB Diploma can receive transfer credit for select university courses and/or a full year of transfer credit, allowing the student to move directly into the second year of an undergraduate program.

In addition, many universities grant early admissions to Diploma candidates, and this gives IB students advantages in terms of course selection, residence placement and more.

When applying to any university, the IB student must consult with the individual institution’s admissions office for its specific entrance requirements and transfer credit policy.

Students are advised to confirm the requirements for the advance notice of grades and examination and results reporting procedures. WVSS’s IB Coordinator is available to support the university application process for IB Diploma candidates.

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Universities & Countries recognizing the DP

There are IB World Schools in countries throughout the world. The majority of universities in these countries recognize and value the DP.
Read about the IB by country.

For information on universities that recognize the IB, and details on their recognition policies:
University policy index 

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