Applications are being accepted for the new course: ADST Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence 12 being offered to students registered in any one of the school district’s secondary schools.

Please contact Dr. Mahesh Chugani at if you have any questions about the course.

Course Description

This ADST 12 course will dive into Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Both areas impact many aspects of our lives today, and demand for trained professionals in these areas is growing exponentially.  For example, in Canada, the unemployment rate for Cybersecurity professionals is 0%.

Students will learn about Digital Citizenship, Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes, Viruses, DDoS, Phishing, Cryptography, the Internet, how to stay safe online, and ultimately get Cybersafe certified. In addition to learning about Cybersecurity, there will be an opportunity for students to compete in CyberTitan – one of Canada’s largest cyber defense competitions. The top 10 ranked Canadian Teams receive a trip to Ottawa to go head-to-head for the coveted title of CyberTitan National Champions.

Artificial Intelligence is used in many ways:

Sports to maintain player fitness

Agriculture for pest and disease control

Healthcare for early detection and treatment

Smart Home Assistants (such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana)

Face Filters

Maps & GPS

Self-Driving Cars…just to name a few of the myriad applications

Students will learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics, training data & bias, machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision. We will use some of Google’s Artificial Intelligence software to gain a better understanding of how AI works and its applications.

Students will work on projects to create a portfolio for application to post-secondary educational institutions, or for their job applications.

For both Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, industry & academic experts will come and share their stories and advice with our students.


Students are required to have a genuine Interest in learning about Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. No prior programming experience needed. However, there is an expectation that students in the course would compete in the CyberTitan Competition.

Course Requirements:

Students who are selected for this course are required to have their own personal laptop with internet connection and Zoom installed.

Curriculum Delivery Method

This course will be delivered in a Hybrid Model which means that course material will be presented both online (using ZOOM) and in-person delivery.

 Main School Location

The majority of the course curriculum will be delivered in-person at West Vancouver Secondary School (WVSS) with days and times outside the regular timetable. However, there will be days and times scheduled for in-person lessons at both Rockridge and Sentinel Secondary, again outside the regular timetable.

Days and Times

The majority of the course curriculum will be delivered in-person at West Vancouver Secondary School (WVSS).

Days of the Week:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time: 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Course Fee

The course fee is $300 for the year to cover the cost of the registration for the CyberTitan Competition as well as equipment.

*fees are subject to change

The Selection Process

Maximum: 30 students will be selected from across the school district with 10 spots reserved for each school site (e.g., 10 students from Rockridge, 10 students from West Vancouver Secondary, and 10 students from Sentinel)

*This is a Grade 12 Ministry ADST course.  Students in Grade 10 are welcome to apply and their applications will be considered, but priority will be given to those in Grades 11 and 12.  Also, students may contact Dr. Mahesh Chugani ( if they have any questions.


Interested students are to complete the online Student Information Form.


Dr. Mahesh Chugani
Teacher at WVSS

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