If you are interested in this program, please complete the Student Information Form.  The Academy Office will contact you to complete the registration process.

West Vancouver Schools Premier Fencing Academy is the only one of its kind in British Columbia. Launched in 2015, our Head Coach and High Performance Director for the Canadian Fencing Federation, Igor Gantsevich, welcomes students, Grades 8-12, who are registered full time at Rockridge, Ecole Sentinel, or West Vancouver Secondary.

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High Level Athletics

The primary goal of the Fencing Academy is to provide a formal fencing training program within the academic setting to allow for achievement and excellence in sport and education.

The Premier Fencing Academy is a sports program that offers students, Grades 8-12, the opportunity to complete all their course requirements, along with the ability to participate in competitive fencing skill development.

“Besides very good training at the Academy, the thing that had the biggest impact on me was the passion and dedication that Coach Igor has for the sport of fencing and it definitely rubbed off. “ – former Fencing Academy student
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Program Highlights

Academic Courses

Students will receive the following courses depending on the number of hours student elect to participate & their specific grade levels:

Physical & Health Education 8

Physical & Health Education 9

Physical & Health Education 10
B/AA Theory & Principles of Competitive Fencing 10

Fitness & Conditioning 11
Active Living 11

Fitness & Conditioning 12
Active Living 12

Assessment & Evaluation

Students’ skill levels and fitness levels are continually monitored by the coaching staff. The coaches set goals and objectives with each student based on observations and progress within the training sessions. This program helps students form successful habits not only in the area of fencing, but also within their academics and relationships with others. Students are encouraged to be consistent in areas such as focus, work ethic and attitude during the training sessions.

  • Students in Grades 8-12 who are registered full time at Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary are eligible to apply.
  • Full year program that takes place within the district’s linear timetable.
  • Components include fencing skill development, fencing-specific fitness training, as well as opportunities to participate in competitions within the sport.
  • State-of-the-art training facility: Dynamo Fencing 238 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver, BC.
  • One way bus transportation is provided from all three secondary schools to Dynamo Fencing.  Pick up at 3:00pm is the responsibility of parents or guardians.
  • Students may receive 1-2 courses (4-8 course credits) depending upon the number of training hours.
  • Outstanding instruction provided by experienced, qualified fencing coaches.
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Program Acceptance

The West Vancouver School District’s Premier Fencing Academy is a wonderful program for the student who wants to develop his/her potential as a high performance athlete or simply wants to enjoy developing in the sport of fencing. All students enrolled full time at Rockridge, Ecole Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School have the opportunity to pursue the sport of fencing, while continuing to receive an excellent education. The school district is excited to be able to offer this very unique program for students.

Registration for the Fencing Academy program is separate from the individual school registration.  The first step in the Fencing Academy registration is to complete a Student Information Form found here.  For further information on Dynamo Fencing Academy, please go to www.dynamofencing.com

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New for 2025-2026 is the Fencing High Performance Podium Program

As an extension of the very successful WVS Fencing Academy, the WVS Fencing High Performance Podium Program (HPPP) is designed to support elite level fencers competing at an international level. The HPPP is run out of Sentinel Secondary School and is designed to support a small cohort of national level athletes that are pursuing their dreams in representing Canada.

As part of the HPPP students will receive specialized lessons on nutrition, sports psychology, fencing post-secondary transition planning, and younger students will have the opportunity to be mentored by older high-performance students.

The HPPP was developed in partnership with Igor Gantsevich – High Performance Director for the Canadian Fencing Federation and will be run parallel to the WVS Premiere Fencing Academy. Endorsed by Fencing BC and Fencing Canada, a maximum of 6 students fencers entering grade 8 or 9 may be admitted into the WVS Fencing HPPP.

To be considered for the HPPP student athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • be competing in USA events (SYC and NAC) or equivalent international events,
  • be ranked in the Y12 and/or Y14 (USA Ranking system) and/or other recognized international fencing ranking system,
  • be participating in a high-performance training program (a minimum 5 days per week, including private training in a verified fencing training program),
  • have excellent work-habits and demonstrate academic “proficiency” on report cards and learning updates,
  • have the ability to manage a challenging academic timetable while participating in a high-level athletic program.


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Application Process for the HPPP:

Students in grades 7 or 8 may apply for entry into HPPP before December 15 for entry for grade 8 or 9. Students that are not admitted for grade 8 may reapply for entry in grade 9. Students that do not meet the above criteria, or where the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces, are welcome to register to attend West Vancouver Schools following the regular admission process and apply to participate in the WVS Fencing Academy.

Students must submit an application to Tara Ledingham tledingham@wvschools.caby before December 15.

Applications should consist of:

  • a student letter outlining why they would like to be part of the WVS HPPP,
  • a reference from a current teacher or school,
  • a reference from a current National Fencing certified coach,
  • the most recent learning update and or report card.

Student applicants will be reviewed by the WVS HPPP fencing selection committee consisting of:

  • Igor Gantsevich WVS Premier Fencing Academy Head Coach
  • Sentinel Secondary School Administrator
  • District Academy Administrator
  • Student Graduate from the WVS Fencing Academy

Please contact WVS Premier Academy staff for questions.

Fees: Full time fees are $6000 per year divided into 10 equal payments ($600 per month x 10 months)*

Part time fees are $3250 per year divided into 10 equal payments ($325 per month x 10 months)*

*Fees may be subject to change

Requirements & Registration

  • Open to all students, Grades 8-12 who are registered full time at Rockridge, Sentinel or West Van Secondary
  • Good to excellent work habits are expected
  • Good to excellent habits are also expected in the area of social responsibility

Contact Information:

Ms. Tara Ledingham
Assistant, WVS Premier Academies

Students interested in the Premier Fencing Academy must complete an online student information form.

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