Student Transportation Eligibility

At West Vancouver Schools, some students are eligible to receive transportation services.  Eligible students are defined as:

  • Students residing within their neighbourhood school catchment area and whose homes are beyond the walk limits of the catchment school.
    Walk limits are as follows:
      • Kindergarten to Grade 3: 4.0 km from school
      • Grades 4-12: 4.8 km from school

Please note that schools supported by bus transportation are as follows: Rockridge Secondary School, Bowen Island Community School and Gleneagles Elementary school. Transportation services for each eligible student in your household must be requested every year, by submitting an online student transportation request form (see link below).
If you are a new registrant or have recently moved, please submit a request form for each student as soon as possible.

2024/25 Student Transportation Information


Please click here to view 2023/24 Route and Schedule Information

Click here for 2024/25 School Year Online Registration

IMPORTANT! All Returning & New students’ parents/guardians must submit an online request form for their eligible student(s). In order to adhere to legislated requirements to maintain accurate bus lists, registration is required for bus riders. Registration must occur prior to July 15 of each year through an online request form on the district’s website to be considered during the bus routing process.

Registration process – NEXT STEPS

  1. July 15, 2024: Deadline for submitting an online request form
  2. End of July 2024: After reviewing the online request form, you will receive an email from school district staff notifying you whether your child is eligible for transportation services.
  3. End of August 2024: If your child is eligible for service, you will receive a follow-up email providing you with detailed transportation service and route information
  4. If your student is an international student and is attending Rockridge Secondary or Gleneagles Elementary, please submit an online Student Transportation Request Form (as above), and email, indicating that your international student requires transportation assistance.
  5. If you are a Bowen Island secondary student attending a high school other than Rockridge, please email

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