Accessibility in West Vancouver Schools

Our Plan

In West Vancouver Schools, we hold an unwavering commitment to inclusion and accessibility as fundamental principles. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and promotes equitable participation for students, parents, educators, staff, and stakeholders alike.

By actively seeking input from all members of our community, continuously refining our accessibility policies, and leveraging innovative tools and technologies, we aim to foster an environment where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every individual can contribute and thrive.

To achieve this goal, we have outlined the following commitments:

· Accessibility Plan Development and Review – Engage with staff and stakeholders in the development and on-going review of the plan;

· Human Resources Practices – review of all human resources practices and procedures including hiring procedures, professional learning opportunities and job requirements to ensure we promote inclusivity and accessibility for all employees – both current and future: and,

· Accessible Infrastructure – School buildings, classrooms, libraries, restrooms, and other facilities should be designed and maintained in a way that accommodates students and employees with physical disabilities. This includes features such as ramps, elevators, accessible restrooms, and designated parking spaces.

Under the Accessible BC Act, organizations must establish an Accessibility Committee to assess and improve accessibility within the organization. The Committee includes representation from all employee groups within the school district and other key stakeholders. This committee will meet periodically throughout the school year.

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