Program Information

All students entering Grade 4 are eligible for the GO-Bots Ignite Your Passion (IYP) Program that provides students the opportunity to explore and develop a beginning understanding of STEM and competitive robotics. Students participate in a variety of fun challenges throughout the school year, including some fun in-class competitions.

The goal for the students in the GO-Bots Program is to build robots using the VEX GO system, and work individually or in small teams to design, build and test various robots. These hands-on experiences require a willingness of students to work together, to take risks, not worry about making mistakes, and to persevere when faced with challenges

The program is divided into 4 sections:

 1: Introduction to Building

Students are introduced to the VEX GO kits and learn the names and functions of the various pieces. Students also learn & practise following instructions when using these different pieces and they also get an opportunity to tap their creativity and free-build using a variety of pieces.

2: Customization

Students learn the concept of customizing their robots to change their properties and features. For example, making a car go faster or slower, or changing gear ratios to improve the strength of a mechanism.

3: Coding

Students will use VEXcodeGO to code their robot to move and operate autonomously. Students then complete challenges that require them to test and improve their codes.

4: VEX GO Competition

Students are introduced to the concepts of VEX competitions. VEX GO competitions are designed to be played in teams within the classroom. Students apply all the skills learned previously to build, customize and code a robot to play the game. The game for the upcoming year is Ocean Science Exploration. This game provides the students the opportunity to further study the concepts of robotics and STEM.

Schedule and Fees

This GO-Bot Ignite Your Passion Program runs one day per week throughout the school year. There are no sessions on Stat Holidays or Professional Development Days.

Please note that there will not be a session for a two-week period at the end of April (exact dates to be determined) as all WVS Robotics teachers are away, assisting, supervising, and coaching the students who qualify for the high school Robotics World Championships, in Dallas, Texas.

GO-Bots Program:

Location:  The South Campus Building located at West Vancouver Secondary School

Start Date: Monday, September 10, 2024

End Date: Monday, June 16, 2025

There will be two sections offered on Mondays:

  • Section A: 3:30 – 5:00

Students interested in this program, complete & submit the Student Information Form. Application forms are reviewed by the IYP staff and administration. Parents of students selected for the program will receive confirmation through the Academy Office by  Assistant, Tara Ledingham. Parents complete all the necessary paperwork to secure the student’s spot.

The fee for the IYP GO-Bots Program is $140 per month x 10 months (September to June).

Students interested in this program, complete & submit the Student Information Form. Once the teacher reviews the application form & confirms student acceptance into the program, Assistant, Tara Ledingham will follow up with the applicable paperwork.

TeacherLocationCostPlease fill out form
Braydan Pastucha & Jeffrey HuangWest Vancouver Secondary School - South Campus Room 55$1400 per year ($140 per month)

Registration & Process for Selection

We work to create and sustain a positive, nurturing work environment for all students. The criterion for acceptance includes evidence that the student can consistently:

  • Listen to the teacher and follow instructions
  • Complete assigned tasks
  • Work independently as well as cooperate with others
  • Be responsible and respectful to both peers and teachers

Registration is open and we are accepting applications.

Complete & submit the online Student Information Form, including uploading of the student’s most recent report card. Applications are not reviewed if the student report card is not attached.

If the report card is not yet available, please communicate this to Assistant, Tara Ledingham (

Parents of student applicants will be informed by the Academy Office of final decisions.

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