Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year are now open.

The WVS Premier Outdoor Recreation program is open to students, Grades 10-12, attending any one of the three WVS secondary schools: Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School.

*Please note that if students entering Grade 9 are interested, they must receive a letter of recommendation from their Grade 8 PHE teacher and applications will only be reviewed if there are spots available.

This program is designed to encourage students who are interested in participating in Physical Health & Education beyond the walls of the gymnasium by exploring the local environment through outdoor challenges and pursuits. As students participate in the WVS Premier Outdoor Recreation Program, they work through two applicable courses, depending on the grade levels.

This program exposes students to a wide range of outdoor experiences.  Woven throughout are various important concepts such as personal development, community awareness, environmental stewardship, outdoor preparedness, and ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. Students complete the program with the experience, knowledge, confidence, and a sense of empowerment required to safely continue to be active outdoors for life.

Courses and Schedule:

Students who participate in the Premier Outdoor Recreation program receive the following courses:

Grade 10:         Physical & Health Education 10

Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) Outdoor Connections 10

Grade 11:         Active Living 11

Outdoor Education 11

Grade 12:         Active Living 12

Outdoor Education 12

The Schedule:

West Vancouver Schools runs a linear schedule. Within this schedule, the Outdoor Recreation Program will run as follows:

Week One: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (last period of the day)

Week Two: Tuesday, Thursday (last period of the day)

Extended Days/Times:

*Please note that there will be extended classes (beyond 3:00 p.m.) occurring on Wednesdays and Thursdays within this linear schedule. Students will need to be available until 4:30 pm every other Wednesday and until 6:00 pm every other Thursday.

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Physical & Health Education or Active Living Courses
The Big Ideas:

These courses are designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities through:

  • Outdoor pursuits, physical fitness activities, & skill development in such activities as kayaking, hiking & sailing
  • Environmental stewardship as students learn the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles, as well as concepts that involve sustainability & conservation
  • Preparedness for outdoor activities & wilderness experiences
  • Development of community, teamwork, personal growth, & class culture
  • Learning team & co-operative games such as Ultimate, badminton, golf, orienteering, capture the flag, & survivor games
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BAA Outdoor Connections 10 & Outdoor Recreation 11 & 12 The Big Ideas:

Students will participate in day trips which occur on Thursdays. Sample day trip opportunities include kayaking, sailing, hiking, orienteering, snowshoeing, skiing, survival skills training, ice skating, and climbing.

When Health & Safety protocols permit, the program includes 2-3 overnight trips. Sample overnight trip opportunities include Garibaldi backpacking, winter camping, a kayak trip on the Sunshine coast. When conducive and approval permitted, these trips are planned, scheduled and are a mandatory part of the curriculum/course requirement.

As Health & Safety protocols permit, the following certifications are also planned as possible opportunities for the students: Paddle Canada Level 1; CanSail 1; Belay Certification; Wilderness First Aid; & Avalanche Safety Training 1.


The Premier Outdoor Recreation program fee includes transportation for most trips, both to the activity & return to a pre-determined location (e.g., Rockridge Secondary School). Parents would then be responsible for student pick-up at that pre-determined location.

Please note that if students are participating in an activity at a location that is nearby, students will be expected to use local transportation. For example, Ambleside, Lighthouse Park, Grouse Mountain, Climb Base 5 or the West Vancouver Ice Arena.

Quote from past participant:

“Outdoor Connections opened up so many amazing new opportunities for me. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my school year than learning in the beautiful outdoors.” – Kat Seow

Program Cost

The total cost per year is $2100. This fee is divided into 3 equal payments of $700, with each payment due the first of the month: September, January, and April.

Interested students registered full time at Rockridge, Sentinel or WVSS are eligible and encouraged to thoroughly complete the Student Information Form and requirements as soon as possible as spots in the program are limited.  

Application Requirements & Criteria

Components of the application are as follows:

  • Participation in the trial day (*Please note that interested international students are exempt from this component)
  • Upload a copy of report card from 2022/23 school year
  • Upload two letters of reference: one PHE teacher reference & one other teacher reference
  • Students complete written answers of application about why they feel they want to be in the program & why they would be a good candidate
  • Parent questionnaire providing information about why they feel the student would be a good fit for the program

Students from any one of WVS secondary schools (Rockridge, Sentinel or WVSS) who are interested in applying are encouraged to complete the registration & all requirements before March 15 as the number of participants is limited and equal representation from all three schools is a priority.

Contact Information

Mrs. Daphne Lambie
WVS Teacher


Mr. Bryn Hammett
WVS Teacher

​​“My name is Heidi, I am 16 years old and I am an Exchange Student from Austria. The Outdoor Recreation Program offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and adventure of Canada. From exhilarating hikes, through breathtaking trails, to thrilling water sports on picturesque lakes, by being in this program, students create unforgettable memories while connecting with nature and fellow participants. With the program’s emphasis on teamwork, cultural exchange, and personal growth, International students gain a remarkable experience that enriches their time abroad and get the ability to see breathtaking Canada. Sign up. I guarantee, you won’t regret it!”


“I’m Neal. I’m 17 years old and an International student from Thailand. Joining the Outdoor Recreation Program has provided me with so many great opportunities to get to know the natural beauty of Canada. This program has taken me through hikes, paddles, climbs, sails, and so many more exciting activities I otherwise would never have participated. I’ve built so many bonds and friendships throughout my time and can graduate with many happy memories. The Outdoor Recreation Program is a place of adventure and growth. It’s hard to summarize everything in one small paragraph but I recommend signing up to experience it yourself.”

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Admissions for the 24/25 school year are openClick here for eligibility and timelines