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Pursuit Overview

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An Overview

Please note that Pursuit applications that meet the criteria will be approved ONLY if the secondary school staff has the ability to build and accommodate the student timetable. In other words, if the school is at capacity, the Pursuit application (even if it meets the criteria) may not be accommodated.

Pursuit is a non-credit timetabling option for senior students, Grades 10-12, designed to accommodate specifically provincially and nationally-ranked athletes or for performing artists who are competing at the highest level for their age group.

While a District Selection Committee reviews Pursuit applications submitted by senior students, Grades 8 & 9 may apply but are strongly encouraged to do their training outside of the regular school timetable. This is a District program offered at each secondary school. Parents and students need to be aware that even if the junior (Grades 8 or 9) student meets the criteria for Pursuit, there is no guarantee that a timetable can be built at a particular school. Each secondary school has limited spaces in their timetable to place students.

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External Credits

While there are no specific course credits assigned to a student in Pursuit, students may be eligible for external course credits if they are training and competing at levels established by the BC Ministry of Education.

External credits, where applicable, are granted after students submit, to the counsellors, the necessary documentation as outlined by the Ministry of Education. (For example, External Athlete 10, 11 or 12).  See External Athlete Credits

Timetable accommodation allows students to manage their coursework and continue to train and compete at an elite level. Depending upon the student’s training or performing needs, either one block or two blocks are assigned. The block assignment may be fixed in the afternoon or rotating in the morning, depending upon timetable block availability.

Students requesting a timetable accommodation through Pursuit must apply each year in order to demonstrate they continue to meet the criteria. Returning students may be required to meet with the person-in-charge of applications at each school site before re-submitting their application.

Applications are reviewed by the Pursuit committee during the month of April. Selections are not confirmed until all requested documentation has been uploaded, received and verified. Applicants are contacted via email after the application review and selections have been confirmed.

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Course Planning

Where possible, each secondary school (Rockridge, École Sentinel & WVSS) works to accommodate flexible scheduling when there are requests by students due to intense training or performance requirements. Teachers within all schools work to ensure students are able to train or perform at an elite level, yet still satisfy their school course requirements. Examples of these accommodations include:

  1. Providing students with assignments prior to departure, should a student anticipate that they will be absent for a period of time;
  2. Extending the deadline for an assignment or project;
  3. Permission to write a test or an exam at a later date should the teacher have adequate notice of upcoming training sessions, competitions or performances.

As well, each school’s counselling department works with students to ensure they have all the required courses for graduation. Career Life Education 10 and Physical & Health Education 10 are required courses for graduation. If not completed within the school timetable, students must complete these courses online with the Vancouver School Board (VSB) or at summer school.

Successful applicants may be required to attend a meeting conducted by the school’s counsellor or Vice-Principal (person-in-charge) during the first month of school start-up to review expectations, to provide information or to answer questions.

School Contacts

Educational progress of students in Pursuit is monitored by the schools’ counsellors or school administrator responsible for it. For the current school year, the following knowledgeable and experienced educators are responsible for the program at each of the school sites:

Rockridge Secondary:
Ms. Jennifer Towers, Vice Principal

Ecole Sentinel Secondary:
Mr. David Moroz, Vice Principal

West Vancouver Secondary:
Ms. Crystal Tanfara, Vice Principal

Parents who have questions or concerns regarding the application process or required supporting documents are to contact the school’s person-in-charge.

Sentinel Secondary School
1250 Chartwell Drive,
West Vancouver B.C.
V7S 2R2
Telephone: 604-981-1130

Rockridge Secondary School
5350 Headland Drive,
West Vancouver, B.C.
V7W 3H2
Telephone: 604-981-1300

West Vancouver Secondary School
1750 Mathers Avenue,
West Vancouver, B.C.
V7V 2G7
Telephone: 604-981-1100

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