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Application Information for both NEW and RETURNING Students

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Admission Criteria

Students who are new to West Vancouver Schools or new to the school of choice (e.g., Rockridge, École Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary), must first register to the school by the registration deadline before applying online for Pursuit.

To be eligible for Pursuit, students must be competing or performing at the highest possible standard for their AGE DIVISION.

The minimum requirement is 20 HOURS (average) PER WEEK of supervised training in the student’s discipline. These 20 hours per week of training do not include student participation in other sports or activities. This training time is specific to the student’s discipline.

The student’s coach, trainer or instructor must submit FORM B which indicates provincial or national level ranking, as well as verifying the hours of supervised training.

NEW and RETURNING students must complete the Pursuit online Application form and provide the following below:


Upload the most recent report card or other official documentation indicating:

  1. Excellent overall attendance
  2. Satisfactory or no failing achievement levels
  3. Overall good work habits; in other words, there must be no ‘N’ (needs improvement) marks but a majority of either ‘G’ (good) or ‘E’ (excellent) work habit marks
  4. An average overall C+ average or minimum 2.5 GPA which must be maintained to remain in Pursuit


Indicate your competition (sports) AND/OR test results (dance and/or performing arts) for the previous year. Include the following details:

  1. Provide date(s) of competition(s) OR test(s);
  2. Provide a personal resume of competitions or performances indicating the student is competing or performing at an ‘elite’ level for their particular age. Performing artists are to indicate recent formal exams or tests completed in their discipline;
  3. Provide a description of the competition and/or test with the results/levels. (For example, Provincial Championship placing, National or Regional Championship, or RAD rest, etc.);
  4. Provide the LINK to the website location that displays the student’s name along with the results, level or ranking;
  5. Provide information about any awards or selections to teams or events, National, Provincial or Meet records. (For example, Tournament MVP, Selection to an All-Star Team, Club Champion, Meet Record holder, National standard qualifying time, etc.).


  1. Provide a copy of the student’s training or competition schedule with no less than 20 supervised hours per week in the student’s discipline.
  2. Indicate where and when the training or competition is occurring.
  3. Name the coach/es supervising each training or competition session.


  1. The student’s coach/es, trainer/s, and/or instructor/s must complete FORM B by Friday, March 30, 2018.

Standards for EXTERNAL athletes listed by the Ministry of Education are a minimum requirement and only form a minor component of the selection criteria. In general, athletes must be competing at the highest category or level available at each given age (e.g., AAA for speed swimming) or selected to the top Provincial team for their age (e.g., Provincial ‘A’ team as opposed to Provincial ‘B’ or Development).

Students have historically applied for this program from high performance sports or performing arts and the following criteria applies to these areas. For sports or performing arts not listed, please contact the school’s Vice-Principal in charge of Pursuit applications.

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Standards listed on the Ministry of Education website for external athletes are a minimum requirement and only form a minor element of the selection criteria; in general, athletes must be competing at the highest category/level available at each given age (ie. AAA for speed swimming), or selected to the top provincial team for their age (Provincial “A” team as opposed to Provincial “B” or development).

The following criteria are for a sample of sports/performing arts from which students commonly apply for Pursuit status.  For criteria for sports/performing arts not listed, please contact the Vice Principal responsible for Pursuit at your school of registration.

AreaCriteria Grid 2017/2018
DanceMust be in a pre professional ½ day program

Minimum: completing RAD or ISTD Vocational Graded Examinations Intermediate Foundation
Figure SkatingMust be competing in the national competitive model (COMPETITIVESKATE)

For students entering grade 8, Pre-Juvenile is the minimum standard

For grade 9 and above, Juvenile is the minimum standard
Ice HockeyBoys - Major Midget or Junior B

Girls - Midget AAA
MusicRCM Grade 10 or ARCT Performers
Skiing - Freestyle/SlopestyleSelected to the BC Freestyle Ski "BC Park and Pipe Team","BC Mogul Team" or "BC Development Program" as indicated on the BC Freestyle Ski website (https://bcfreestyle.com/)

Must also have coach-supported documentation indicating the average supervised training program of at least 20 hours per week

Must be competing at the highest competitive category level for age group
Skiing - AlpineMust be ranked in the top 15% of age-group athletes in BC as indicated on the BC Alphine Provincial Ranking System (http://bcalpine.com/site/prs/"). Please refer to the appropriate U14 or U16 rankings

Must also have coach-supported documentation indicating average supervised training program of at least 20 hours per week
SquashMembership on the either the Regional or the Provincial Training Squads

SwimmingMinimally at least one AAA provincial time or better

Must provide HY-TEK print-out displaying evidence of attaining at least one AAA time
TennisInvited to compete or competed in the 2017 Indoor Junior Provincial Championships

Invited to compete or competed in the 2017 Outdoor Junior Provincial Championships

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All attachments MUST BE UPLOADED at the time of submission.
Please DO NOT submit this registration form without the attachments.