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Student Admissions



For more details, please refer to the West Vancouver Schools student registration  “Guidelines” section below.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please ensure that you select the correct online application form. If you complete the incorrect form, it will be discarded and you will have to re-submit the correct one, losing your original time and date stamp.

Student Application Procedures

Current students do not need to re-apply unless they intend to transfer schools.

We are pleased to accept applications for admission from families and students residing both within and outside of West Vancouver Schools. With 14 primary and elementary, and three secondary schools, West Vancouver Schools offers a wide range of programs and opportunities to challenge and enrich your child’s learning.

Student applications are accepted based on:
  • specified registration timelines, and
  • student application priority

Please carefully read the student registration guidelines below before submitting your application.

If your family is residing in Canada on a work, study or diplomatic permit, or if you are a refugee, please contact Michael Frankowski for instructions about how to apply for admission.

If you are an international student, please visit the International Programs website for application details.

How to Register

  • Applications for admission will be time- and date-stamped at the time the form was submitted online.
  • You will receive e-mail notification when your form has been successfully submitted.
  • If you submit the incorrect form, you will need to complete and re-submit the correct one, losing your original time and date stamp.
  • Completion of an online form does NOT guarantee acceptance at your first choice school.


Submit the appropriate online registration form
2018/2019 School Year

Admissions open in October 2017


Submit required original documents in person to your school of first choice. Copies will not be accepted.

Please note: Documents must be submitted by a parent or documented legal guardian, not another family member, caregiver or friend.

Please refer to our checklist of required documents below to ensure you bring the documents you need to complete your application for admission.

If you wish to make any changes to your application after you have submitted the form, please phone (604) 981-1000 or contact your first choice school. If you submit a new form, it will replace the previous one and you will lose the original time and date stamp.

  • IMPORTANT! Applications are not considered complete until you have submitted all supporting documentation to the school office. Students with incomplete applications will not receive offers nor be placed on wait lists.
  • Please note: Each school may have a unique process for receiving documentation. Please visit the school website of the school to which you are applying for specific information about when to submit your original documents. Click here to view a list of school websites.

Choose the correct form to apply

Next School Year

2018/2019 School Year
Admissions open October 2017

Helpful Checklist of Required Documents

Please bring ORIGINALS of these required documents in person to the school office. We will make a copy for our records and return the original to you. Photocopies or other facsimiles will not be accepted as proof of information.

Please note: Documents must be submitted by a parent or documented legal guardian, not another family member, custodian, caregiver, or friend.

A. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP (required for both student and parents)

The following are documents required for your child’s application:

  • Child’s original birth certificate or Canadian passport, or Canadian Immigration or Citizenship documents
  • Canadian Immigration or Citizenship documents for at least one birth parent or legal guardian (cannot be a custodian)
  • Please bring passports (if available)

B. PROOF OF RESIDENCY – a minimum of two pieces are required as indicated below (additional pieces may be required)

These documents must contain one of the parent/guardians’ names, at the residential address shown on the application and must be current. Utility bills must show the residential (service) address.

Primary Proof of Residency

1) A minimum of one of the following:

  • A completed Purchase Agreement
  • A completed Residential Tenancy Agreement
  •  A Property Tax Notice to one of the parents/guardians at the address cited;


2) A minimum of one of the following:

  •  A residential utility bill addressed to one of the parents/guardians at the address cited. This may include:
    – Municipal metered utility statement
    – BC Hydro bill
    – Fortis BC bill
    – Cable TV or Internet provider bill
    – Landline telephone bill (cell phone bills will not be accepted)

Please note:
1. If utilities are included in the tenancy agreement, you may be requested to provide secondary information to confirm your address. * see below

2. If you are living temporarily with friends or family and you do not have a Tenancy Agreement or Purchase Agreement, please contact the school directly for information on what Proof of Residency may be required.
* If the primary proof of residency is incomplete, you will be asked to provide secondary proof.

Secondary Proof of Residency (Minimum two pieces required, addressed to one of the parents/guardians at the residential address shown on the application)
  • Property / Tenant insurance documents
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card bill
  • Government identification showing address cited (BC driver’s license, BC Identification,
    or BC Services Card only) ** BC Driver’s license with an address sticker will be accepted as a third piece of supplementary documentation ONLY **
  • Cell phone bill


  • An original and complete Order from the BC Supreme Court or BC Provincial Court must be presented
    to the school to confirm any particular guardianship, parental responsibilities, parenting time, or
    custody agreement pertaining to the child.
  • If there is a court order issued outside of the province of British Columbia, please provide an original
    and complete document from the issuing jurisdiction. This will be reviewed by the school
  • Please note that guardianship and custody agreements are not legally related to custodianship.


  • Original report card from previous school year


  • Child’s Immunization Record as well as any other important health documents

Student Registration Guidelines

In preparation for registering you child, please review the following registration guidelines, including registration timelines, student registration priority, and required documentation, for:

  • Kindergarten registration
  • General registration—in-catchment students (Grades 1 to 12)
  • Early French Immersion – Kindergarten and Grade 1 registration
  • General registration—out-of catchment and out-of district students (Grades 1 to 12)
  • Specialty program registration (including International Baccalaureate,
  • Advanced Placement, ACE-IT, sports academies, Super Achievers, and more

Student Registration Priority

West Vancouver School District encourages students to attend their catchment area school, while also enabling students and their families to make choices to attend other schools in the district as required to meet their educational needs.

The placement of a student in a school will be dependent upon the availability of space, programs and resources.

Priority is given for student placement in a program or school in the following order:

  1. In-catchment students with siblings in the same school
  2. In-catchment students
  3. Out-of-catchment, in-district students with siblings in the same school
  4. Out-of-catchment, in-district students
  5. Out-of-district students with siblings in the same school
  6. Out-of-district students

Local school boundaries (school catchment areas)

Not sure which school in your neighbourhood is your “local in-catchment school”? Use our school locator tool.

When can my child begin Kindergarten?

Children may begin Kindergarten in September of the calendar year in which they turn five years old.

ie. Students born in 2012 may begin Kindergarten in September 2017.

Foreign student (non fee-paying) registration

Students who are neither Canadian citizens nor have permanent resident (PR) status in Canada may be enrolled in West Vancouver schools, subject to regulations under Immigration Canada and West Vancouver Schools policy. For more information, contact Michael Frankowski at

Early and Late French Immersion Programs

The Early French Immersion Program is offered at Ecole Cedardale and Ecole Pauline Johnson. Ecole Cedardale is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering a French Immersion IB Primary Years Program (IB PYP). There is an associated fee with the IB PYP program.

Late French Immersion is offered only at Ecole Pauline Johnson to students entering Grade 6. A secondary level French Immersion program is offered at Ecole Sentinel Secondary.

For more details about registering for an Early or Late French Immersion program, please click on one of the links above or contact the principal of the school in which you are interested. Here is a list of school websites with contact information.

More Programs of Choice in West Vancouver Schools

For more information about registering your student in one of the many programs of choice in West Vancouver Schools including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, French Immersion International Baccalaureate, ACE-IT, Super Achievers, iDEC, Montessori, Premier Academies, and online/blended learning programs, please visit our Programs page.

See a quick overview of all programs here:

Review the WVS elementary school and district-wide programs of choice
Review the WVS secondary school and district-wide programs of choice

We are proud to welcome our newest families to our learning community!

Registration Timelines 2017-2018

Student enrollment timelines for the 2017-2018 school year:

October 17, 2016 to March 1, 2017

All Kindergarten applications (in-catchment, in-district, and out-of-district students), and All students living in-catchment applying for entry into Grades 1 – 12

October 17 to November 30, 2016

Early French Immersion Kindergarten applications (in-catchment, in-district, and out-of-district students) Placement lottery to follow

January 16 to February 1, 2017

Out-of-catchment area (in-district) student applications and Out-of-district student applications

Detailed information regarding student registration is outlined in Administrative Procedure 300 – Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement – click here to view.

PLEASE NOTE: If an enrollment timeline listed in AP 300 falls on a weekend, the date recognized by the Administrative Procedure for Student Registration will be the Monday following that date.