Art West 45 is a full-day, broad-based visual arts program offered to students in grades 10-12 who have a strong interest in visual arts and design. Students who want to push themselves a little more in the visual arts or those who just enjoy creating and making all kinds of art and want a bit more time in the art studio will benefit from this vibrant, enriched program.

Students spend 1-3 blocks in one day in the studio, allowing them to pursue more advanced art techniques, including work with life models. Work may be used to build a strong personal portfolio for post-secondary education opportunities and employment following graduation.

Students receive up to 16 credits towards graduation, along with the opportunity to develop connections through community galleries, studios and businesses.

As a full-day program, Art West 45 supports a passion for the arts by offering:

      • Extended time to work on projects
      • Increased 1:1 time with teachers
      • Opportunities to develop techniques, broaden skill set and develop personal interests
      • Portfolio development for post-secondary consideration
      • Opportunities for cross-curricular connections to enhance creative development
      • Connection to the local community

More information:

For more information, please contact Jackie Wong.

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