Jeff Huang

Jeff Huang

WVS Teacher

Mr. Jeffrey Huang currently teaches at the secondary level in the areas of Math & Science. He is also a strong member of the school district’s Mechatronics Robotics team of teachers.

2006 – 2011 B.Sc – Chemistry (UBC)

2011 – 2012 B.Ed – Secondary (UBC)

2021 – 2022 M.Sc – Chemistry (Ohio University)


  • An excellent understanding of programming.
  • Skilled and experienced working with students at all grade levels within specialized programs.
  • Strong ability to engage and relate positively with students, motivating them to work hard and to do their best.
  • Passionate educator who strives to educate your students, not only the knowledge, skills and abilities of the discipline of focus, but also he incorporates the teaching of valuable skills coveted in local industries today.
Braydan Pastucha

Braydan Pastucha

WVS Teacher

Braydan Pastucha
WVS Teacher
WVS Premier Robotics Academy Teacher


  • University of British Columbia — Bachelor of Education 2021
  • University of British Columbia — Bachelor of Science 2018
  • Specializing in a triple-major of chemistry, mathematics, and physics, my undergraduate work focused on communication of scientific concepts and applications in atmospheric science. This well-rounded understanding of different scientific fields has given me a diverse set of teachable subjects and an ability to connect material between classes, including applications using coding and scientific analysis of problems.


Daedalos Academy — Senior Coach / STEM Instructor (Sept 2016 – Present)

Responsibilities & Role Included:

  • Creating programs using LEGO and VEX robotics for summer camps, after-school camps, and in-school programs that focus on engineering, design, and coding principles in the ADST curriculum
  • Working with diverse age groups during the camps
  • Ensuring the quality of individual learning experiences
  • Working with teams on projects from creating the programs to implementing them with a team of coaches
  • Using problem-solving skills for classroom management, technology, and instruction
  • Coming up with solutions to problems or challenges

University Hill School — STEM Instructor (January 2017-March 2020)

Responsibilities & Role Included:

  • Developing a program using LEGO Education products in conjunction with the BC curriculum for Grades 2-3 and 4-5 STEM classes, with an emphasis on engineering and technology applications
  • Creating fun and engaging classroom experiences for the classes by using multimedia and experimentation in lessons
  • Coordinating & collaborating with teachers and school administrators to distribute information to parents

Sealy Tutoring — Senior Tutor & Centre Manager (May, 2017 – Present)

Responsibilities & Role Included:

  • Tutoring secondary students in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology, both individually and in group settings
  • Communicating with students and parents both learning materials and expectations
  • Maintaining and managing the drop-in center, including managing tutors and developing an enjoyable learning environment


Science World — STEM Communicator

Gearing Up! — Senior Coding Club Instructor

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