Ministry changes to assessment for 2016/2017

May 27, 2016 - 2 minutes read


Dear parents/guardians,

Yesterday, we received notice that the ministry has updated its plans around assessment for high school students, in preparation for the provincial transition to the revised curriculum. As you know from previous announcements, we have been working on making changes to our curriculum and assessment practices for some time through innovation projects and discussions within our teaching and learning community.

For the current academic year, nothing changes for senior students, as we have been working on the first phase of curriculum and assessment changes, for students in grades K-9. The provincial announcement below, the chart that outlines these changes for 2016/2017 and the Q & A have been provided to inform parents, students and teachers about changes to assessment procedures, which are required for the move to the new curriculum during the transition phases.

Please review the charts and information below, particularly if your student is currently in grades 9-11. We have been expecting this update, and are well prepared to ensure that all students are provided with a fair and rigorous assessment that will provide parents and post-secondary institutions with better information about student learning than ever before.

As further details are clarified by the Ministry, you will continue to hear directly from me, and you will also have ongoing updates through all our schools.
Chris Kennedy, Superintendent

Information for parents on changes to assessment for the 2016/2017 academic year

Letter for parents from Minister Mike Bernier

Chart: Changes to provincial assessment

Q & A document on provincial assessment