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Pursuit Application Information & Criteria

The Purpose of the Application

The priority of this district program is to ensure all students receive the required courses needed for graduation. Pursuit is a graduation for credits course program designed for students, Grades 10-12, who are provincially and/or nationally ranked athletes or performing artists competing at the highest category or level for their specific age group.

The purpose of a timetable accommodation is to allow students to manage their coursework and continue to train and compete at an elite level.

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Eligible Student Applicants

Grades 10-12

Those students who are eligible to apply are senior students, Grades 10-12, who are provincially and/or nationally ranked athletes or performing artists competing at the highest level for their age group and earning external credentials by taking courses that are approved by the Ministry of Education.

Standards for EXTERNAL athletes listed by the Ministry of Education are a minimum requirement and only form a minor component of the selection criteria. Please refer to the WVS Criteria for the specific discipline. If the discipline is not listed on the website, please contact your school’s Vice-Principal responsible for the Pursuit Program.

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Grades 8-9

Those students, Grades 8 & 9 who are competing or performing at the highest level for their age group, may apply. Applications will be reviewed by the District Committee. If uncertain about the criteria, please contact your school’s Vice-Principal responsible for the Pursuit Program in the school.

Information about the Application Process

Before Completion of Application

    1. Only applications that meet the Specific Sports and Performing Arts Criteria will be reviewed (see Criteria Grid below for full details).
    2. Each secondary school has limited spaces in their timetable to place students. Students whose applications meet the criteria will be approved if the secondary school staff can build and accommodate the student timetable. In other words, please note that if the school is at capacity, the application, even if it meets the criteria, may not be accommodated.

The Process

    1. Review the Specific Sports and Performing Arts Criteria.
    2. If the student meets the standards & criteria, complete the application form along with supporting documents.
    3. Pursuit Deadline for Submission for the 2024-2025 school year: Friday, June 7, 2024.
    4. Applications will be reviewed & selections completed by a WVS District Committee.
    5. Parents & students will be informed of the decisions by Friday, June 14, 2024.

Prior to Submission of a Pursuit Application

NEW students to West Vancouver Schools:
Students who are new to West Vancouver Schools or new to the school of choice (e.g., Rockridge, École Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary), must first register & be accepted to the actual school before applying online for Pursuit.

RETURNING students to West Vancouver Schools:
Students returning to West Vancouver Schools must apply to the Pursuit Program each year, with the applications reviewed by the Pursuit District Committee.

Criteria for the Level of Competition or Performance:
To be eligible for Pursuit, students must be competing or performing at the highest possible standard for their AGE DIVISION.

Minimum Hours of Supervised Training Requirement:
The minimum requirement is 20 HOURS (average) PER WEEK of supervised training in the student’s discipline. These 20 hours per week of training do not include student participation in other sports or activities. This training time is specific to the student’s discipline.

Coach/Instructor FORM  Completion:
The student’s coach/instructor must submit Coach/Instructor FORM which indicates provincial or national level ranking, as well as verifying the hours of supervised training per week.

Once you have read through and fully understand the entire process and requirements of the Pursuit Program, two forms need to completed and submitted – The Application Form and the Coach/Instructor Form.  The links to these forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

Supporting Documents: The Student

Part 1: Academic Achievement

Upload the most recent report card or other official documentation showing evidence of:

  • Excellent attendance in all courses
  • A strong work ethic
  • The ability to meet classroom learning goals
  • Minimally, achievement levels in all subjects are satisfactory

Part 2:  Personal Competition OR Performance Resume

Indicate your competition (sport) AND/OR test results (dance and/or performing arts) for the previous year.

  • Date(s) of competition(s) OR test(s)
  • Personal resume of competitions or performances showing clear evidence the student is competing or performing at an ‘elite’ level for their age. Performing artists are to indicate recent formal exams or tests completed in their discipline
  • A description of the competition and/or test with the results/levels. (For example, Provincial Championship placing, National or Regional Championship, or Dance RAD test);
  • The link to the website location that displays the student’s name along with the results, level or ranking
  • Provide information about any awards or selections to teams or events: National, Provincial or Meet records. (For example, Tournament MVP, Selection to an All-Star Team, Club Champion, Meet Record Holder, National Standard Qualifying time, etc.).

Part 3:  Training OR Competition Schedule

Indicate the following information:

  • The name(s) of the coach(es) supervising each training session or competition
  • Where the training is occurring each week within a typical month’s schedule
  • When the training is occurring each week within a typical month’s schedule
  • A copy of the student’s training or competition schedule with no less than 20 supervised hours per week in the student’s discipline
  • Where the competition is occurring
  • When the competition is occurring

Supporting Documents: Coach/Instructor

A note to Service Providers (Coaches/Instructors):

The priority for the Pursuit Program is for students, Grades 10-12 competing or performing at a high level (top in the age group). WVS is proud and excited to be able to provide a timetable to allow these athletes/performers to pursue their passions. We want to thank coaches and instructors in advance for using careful consideration and understanding before submitting supporting documents for their athletes or performers. 

  • Please review the Standards and Criteria information below.
  • Select the coach(es)/instructor(s) button that appears at the bottom of this page.
  • Complete and submit the Coach/Instructor Form.

For further inquiries, please contact your student’s administrator responsible for the Pursuit Program:

Rockridge Secondary:
Mr. Stewart Baker, Vice Principal

Ecole Sentinel Secondary:
Mr. Shawn Anderson

West Vancouver Secondary:
Ms. Crystal Tanfara, Vice Principal

The Standards & Criteria

Standards listed on the Ministry of Education website for external athletes is a requirement and forms ONLY ONE element of the WVS selection criteria. Those students applying to the Pursuit Program must be competing or performing at the highest category or level available at their specific age group.

One example in the sport of swimming, athletes must provide a current HY-TEK print-out that indicates at the applicable age qualifying time as shown on the SwimBC website. In other words, athletes need to be selected to the top provincial team for their age (Provincial ‘A’ team as opposed to Provincial ‘B’ or Development).

A second example in the sport of ice hockey, athletes must be on the roster for one of the following teams: Boys Major Midget; Boys Junior B; Boys U16AAA Minor Midget; Girls U18FAAA Female Midget.

The following criteria are for the sports or performing arts from which students may apply to the Pursuit Program. For criteria for sport or performing arts not listed, please contact the Vice-Principal responsible for the Pursuit Program at the student’s school of registration.

The DisciplineCriteria for Specific Sports and Performing Arts
BC Summer Games Team
BC Junior Premier League
Female Selects Program
Equestrian Vaulting
BC Summer Games Participant
Western Canadian Championship Participant
Canadian National Championship Participant
BC Games Team
Provincial Development Team
Provincial Team
Figure Skating
Must be competing in the national competitive model (COMPETITIVESKATE)
BC Provincial Development Team (Juvenile or higher)
Region Select Team (Juvenile or higher)
Synchronized Skating - Top 4 at Provincials (Novice or Senior)
BC Winter Games Team – Artistic Gymnastics OR
Team BC Western Canadian Championships (Trampoline & Tumbling)
Ice Hockey
Boys - U16 AAA (Minor Midget)
Boys - Major Midget or Junior B Programs
Girls – U18 FAAA (Female Midget)
BC Winter Games Team
Top 4 Zone Qualifiers for Provincials
BC High Performance Squad
Regional Select Team
BC Team Development Squad
Sail West
Skiing: Alpine
BC Winter Games Team
CanAm Western Championship Participant
U16 Rising Star
Must be ranked in the top 15% of age-group athletes in BC as indicated on the BC Alpine Provincial Ranking System
Skiing: Freestyle/Slopestyle
BC Freestyle Ski "BC Park and Pipe Team" or
"BC Mogul Team" or
"BC Development Program"
Must be competing at the highest competitive category level for age group
Member on the either the Regional or the Provincial Training Squads
Swimming Swimming
Qualifying time (HY-TEK print out) shown on the SwimBC website that indicates a top qualifying time for the specific age group (Provincial ‘A’ Team as opposed to Provincial ‘B’ Team)
Tennis BC: Given the player’s year of birth, must be locally (BC) ranked in the top 24 in the 2022 Junior Indoor or Outdoor Provincial Championships
DanceMust be in a pre-professional or confirmed ½ day program
Minimally must have completed one of the following: • Chinese Dance Syllabus 10 • CDTA Ballet 10 • CDTA Jazz 10 • CDTA Tap 10 • Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Foundation 10 • Cecchetti 10 • Modern Dance 10 • ADAPT Jazz 10 • NATD Tap 10 • AIDT Modern Dance 10
MusicRoyal Conservatory of Music Grade 10 OR The Associate Diploma (ARCT) Performers
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The Discipline of Dance

The Pursuit Program is designed for students, Grades 10-12 who are registered in a half day program or pre-professional program. These students have reached a high degree of athletic ability and are looking to dedicate more time to the discipline. Due to the high level of performance, these students require additional hours of intensive training.

Students who qualify for the Pursuit Program must be taking the examinations and competing to qualify. In other words, students must be participating in performance opportunities regularly. These students demonstrate a high level of commitment and a high level of technique.

 The BC Ministry of Education offers external credits that can be applied to Fine Arts 10, 11 and 12 for certain dance certification. Only those external credentials that have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry can be applied toward graduation.

Ministry of Education Dance Organizations Offering Approved External Credits

The Ministry of Education has approved and identified those Dance organization offering external credits. Ministry Approved Dance Organizations Offering External Credits

Students completing the external credits will have the following on their transcript: Visual & Performing Arts – DANCE; Most courses for these approved dance organizations are offering 4-credit courses.

Visual & Performing Arts – Dance:

A group of instructional programs that describe the performance and choreography of various kinds of dances, including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic, and folk dance are approved for Credit. Download the full list of courses here.

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Ministry of Education - Music

The Ministry of Education recognizes the Royal Conservatory of Music as a provider in the category of music. Students receive external credits in the main category of Visual & Performing Arts, with the subcategory: Music.

Royal Conservatory of Music 10
Report credit for Practical Certificate for Level 6 from one of the categories of Voice, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Accordion, Harp, Organ, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Recorder, or Level 6 Practical with the co-requisite Level 6 Theory or higher (or Intermediate Rudiments or higher).

Royal Conservatory of Music 10B
Report credit for Practical Certificate Level 6 from one of the categories of Voice, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Accordion, Harp, Organ, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Recorder to be used for the same student as UMRC10 but from a different instrument category (and co-requisite Level 6 Theory, Intermediate Rudiments or higher, as already completed). Example: Level 6 Piano and Level 6 Voice, or Level 6 Violin and Level 6 Trumpet, but not Level 6 Violin and Level 6 Viola (as these are both from the same category).

Royal Conservatory of Music 11
Report credit for Practical Certificate for Level 7 from one of the categories of Voice, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Accordion, Harp, Organ, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Recorder, or Level 7 Practical with co-requisite Level 7 Theory or higher (or Intermediate Rudiments or higher).

Royal Conservatory of Music 12
Report credit for Practical Certificate for Level 8 from one of the categories of Voice, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Accordion, Harp, Organ, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Recorder, Harpsichord, or Level 8 Practical with co-requisite Level 8 Theory or higher (or Advanced Rudiments or higher).

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All attachments MUST BE UPLOADED at the time of submission.
Please DO NOT submit this registration form without the attachments.

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