Grades: K- 7

Nestled amongst the tall evergreens in the west end of the district, Caulfeild iDEC Elementary School is a short distance from local beaches and scenic Lighthouse Park. The location provides excellent acces to hands-on learning experiences to enhance the curriculum. The surrounding school grounds include two play fields, modern play equipment, forested areas and a stream.

Our dedicated, well qualified and enthusiastic staff provide a high standard of education to all students. Staff, students, and parents work together to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for strong academic, social and emotional growth in this new digital age.

Caulfeild School started an ambitious new program in September 2011 called iDEC (Inquiry based Digitally Enhanced Community). In the 2011/2012 school year Caulfeild’s new program received national recognition by becoming a finalist in the Ken Spencer Award. HERE is a link to the finalists’ booklet. This award validated the commitment of staff to put into place a new program based on research and innovation.

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