Eagle Harbour Montessori is a publically funded Montessori school within West Vancouver Schools

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year begins on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. Click here for registration information.

Montessori Visitor Days

Come and see an elementary Montessori class in action! Meet Eagle Harbour’s dynamic staff, tour the school and see first-hand the materials and strategies that children use to learn about language, math and culture in a Montessori elementary classroom.

Upcoming Visitor Days – 2017-2018:

9-10 AM

Tuesday, October 10
Tuesday, November 14
Thursday, January 11
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, April 12
Thursday, May 31

For more information, please contact Vice-Principal Val Stevenson at vstevenson@wvschools.ca or call (604) 981-1380.

Montessori Program – What’s New

All students at Eagle Harbour Montessori School, from Kindergarten to Grade 5, will learn in a Montessori classroom with fully-trained Montessori teachers.

Eagle Harbour Montessori Preschool and Childcare

Eagle Habour Montessori School is pleased to be able to offer families a continuous Montessori experience, from pre-school to Grade 5.

Eagle Harbour Montessori Preschool (operated by Wise Owl Montessori) will offer curriculum-based Montessori preschool and before and after school multi-age group childcare. Specialty curricula will include art, dance, acting classes and circle time.

Learn more about these programs at www.eagleharbourmontessori.com or call (604) 808-1822.

Registration for September 2017 entry – more

Eagle Harbour Montessori School
5575 Marine Dr.
West Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 981-1380

More information

Valerie Stevenson, Vice Principal
T: (604) 981-1380
E: vstevenson@wvschools.ca


On November 4, 2008, the West Vancouver Board of Education approved the introduction of a Montessori program at Eagle Harbour Primary School, beginning with a Kindergarten class in September 2009. By September 2013, the Montessori program had expanded and delivered to students in Kindergarten – Grade 5.

Eagle Harbour Montessori School is the first public Montessori school on the North Shore.

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 Key Characteristics of the Montessori Program
  • A multi-aged, multi-graded, heterogeneous group of students.
  • A partnership with the family to support the individual child’s total development.
  • A diverse set of Montessori materials, activities, and experiences, which are designed to foster physical, intellectual, creative and social independence.
  • A schedule that allows large blocks of uninterrupted time to problem solve, to see the interdisciplinary connections of knowledge, and to create new ideas.
  • A classroom atmosphere that encourages social interaction for cooperative learning, peer teaching, and emotional development.
Specialty Program Fee

A fee will be attached to participation in the Montessori specialty program in order to support the expense of equipping each classroom with the special materials used in a Montessori program.

Specialty Program Fee for 2017/18

  • Please inquire

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The Montessori Program and Philosophy

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