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The ACE-IT Carpentry program provides training for Grade 11 and 12 students interested in a career in carpentry and related trades. Based at West Vancouver Secondary, students receive training every second day, while attending their own secondary school for core academic subjects. This program is open to students across the North Shore, regardless of their home school.

This intensive program allows students to receive technical training typically done at a post-secondary institution while working toward high school graduation. Each student accepted into the program is registered as a trainee with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

What is ACE-IT?

The Accelerated Credit Enrolment to Industry Training (ACE-IT) program is an Industry Training Authority (ITA) youth initiative that provides support for students to acquire training that leads to certification as a journeyman, while they are enrolled in high school.

The Accelerated Credit Enrolment to Industry Training (ACE-IT) program is a dual-credit program which means students receive 16 credits (4 courses) towards high school graduation in addition to Level 1 Carpentry training and Work-Based Training hours credited toward apprenticeship and eventual journeyman certification. This technical training is typically done at a post-secondary institution with associated tuition and materials costs but this program is offered to high school students for significantly reduced costs because it is part of their Graduation Program. Each student is registered as a trainee with the ITA.

ace-it-2This program is for students who are keenly interested in acquiring industry recognized skills and certification in carpentry and construction. This intensive program would allow students to focus on learning carpentry skills by undertaking the first level of technical training required to pursue a Carpentry Apprenticeship. The ACE-IT and subsequent Secondary School Apprenticeship program is a desirable career path that enables students to pursue opportunities in carpentry and related trades. It also provides a beneficial path toward further technical training, advanced post-secondary programs and university degrees.

Proposed Program Outline

The program will be offered at West Vancouver Secondary School every second day by a teacher who is a Red Seal Carpenter, during the regular school day. Students will receive credit towards 4 courses:


Students will also write the industry recognized certification exam. Dedicated students will have the opportunity to receive valuable work experience.

This program is available to Grade 11 and 12 students who have displayed an interest in carpentry. There is an application process that must be completed by all candidates to be considered for this special program. The application is available from Kim Adams, the District SSA Contact who can be contacted at The application will also be available in all West Vancouver School Careers Centres. A passionate grade 10 student may be considered for this program under certain circumstances.

Information sessions will be held prior to course selection deadlines. Students selecting this program will be asked to attend an interview with their parents/guardians after applications are reviewed.

Career Pathway Progression


Career Centre Contacts

Rockridge Secondary
Leesa Alldred
(604) 981-1300 ext. 2246

Sentinel Secondary
(604) 981-1130

West Vancouver Secondary
Kim Adams
(604) 981-1171


Please contact District SSA Contact Kim Adams at

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