Domestic Students: In-District and Out-of-District

All domestic admissions begin online, with various registration timelines established throughout the year. Domestic students are those who have Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency Status and who are considered resident in British Columbia. Please review the information below to begin the application process for your child(ren).

NB. In order for a student to be considered resident in British Columbia, both the student and the parent / guardian of the student must be ordinarily resident in British Columbia. For more information, visit the Ministry of Education website.

Domestic Students From Abroad

Students with Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency Status who are moving to the area from another educational jurisdiction are typically placed as follows:

  • Gr K-7: Assigned to their chronological grade level
  • Gr 8-12: Course equivalence coordinated by school counsellors during initial intake, but generally placed according to their chronological age in an appropriate grade level.

International students and other foreign language students are typically tested for their English language proficiency before being placed into their assigned school. This may be done at a district level or school level depending on their arrival time during the school year. This is coordinated by our International Student Programs office.

Students from Families residing in BC under Work Permits

Families who are travelling to Canada under a federal Work Permit are required to first confirm their documents with the International Programs office prior to registering their children online.

Please contact (604) 981-1158 or for more information about which documents are required for registration, or to book an appointment for document review.

International Students

Please visit the International Website for more information on our International student application process.