The Value of Entrepreneurial Education

June 8, 2015 - 2 minutes read

As I reflect on the school year, I am deeply grateful for the support our district receives from staff, parents, Trustees and students. Much of the credit for our continued success is due to the creativity, resilience, passion and strength of our staff and school community.

At the recent DPAC evening with Gail Vaz Oxlade, I delivered a short opening talk on why we need entrepreneurial students. I followed that up with a post entitled “Linking Creativity to Entrepreneurship” on my blog, the Culture of Yes. The traditional view of entrepreneurial education, which I once held, is that it is about creating people for the world of business. Yong Zhao, who will address staff at our annual Opening Day event in August, is one of many researchers arguing that the traditional view of entrepreneurial education is incorrect. And his thinking has won me over.

What I have seen happening with entrepreneurship programs in schools are really efforts in creativity. Whether it is the Early Entrepreneur Programs at Lions Bay or Caulfeild, our Ignite Your Passions students from Gleneagles or students in the YELL (Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad) program from all three of our high schools, entrepreneurship is really synonymous with real world creativity.

In West Vancouver, we are working to raise a generation that can not only study the past to make sense of the present, but is also able to see and embrace future opportunities. Fostering creativity and resilience is perhaps not as easily measured as a test score, but the characteristics are nevertheless required to successfully navigate the many technological, ecological, economic and social challenges facing future generations.

The talented educators who work in our district know how to harness creative potential through natural curiosity, while building the resilient character that is required to make the most of those opportunities. I am so impressed with the relevant and engaging learning experiences in our schools.

I wish everyone a very safe and relaxing summer break, and look forward to welcoming everyone back on September 8.

Chris Kennedy
Superintendent of Schools