If you are interested in this program, please complete the Student Information Form.

West Vancouver Schools Premier Fashion Industry program is open to students, Grades 11 & 12, who have a strong interest in all aspects of fashion and design. (Please note that while the program is designed for Grades 11& 12 students, if there are Grade 10 students who have a strong interest in this program, they are to apply. Applications will be reviewed.)

Students who participate and complete the program, receive credits for the BC Ministry course: Fashion Industry 12.

The course helps students develop design skills and a deeper understanding of various topics in the fashion industry that not only includes design but also production, marketing, fashion promotion, and global impacts.  Students continuously tap into their creativity as they learn and work to complete a variety of exciting projects.

Students develop a Fashion Portfolio that showcases their exploration of the various concepts of fashion design and production, incorporating industry techniques and design, and the design processes.

As students work on their projects, they gain hands-on experience using multiple tools and techniques through the process. This project-based program is ideal for those students who want to extend their creative processes and design skills.

Please note that the WVS Premier Fashion Industry program provides an excellent background for students interested in pursuing a career in fashion or other creative industries but does not have a sewing component. However, students do have the opportunity to participate in the annual Fashion Show.

The WVS Premier Fashion Industry program is currently scheduled linearly (all year long) within the Semester system. The classes take place during the X-Block periods that occur Tuesday & Thursday from 1:30 pm – 3:00pm.

This is an inclusive program open to all genders.  If interested students are to complete the Student Information Form, upload photos of samples of past work in such areas as the creative arts, applied skills, or textiles.  Students must also upload their most recent report card. We are looking for students who have a history of good to excellent work habits, as well as strong time management skills.

The course fee for the year is $75.00.


Contact Information:
Ms. Vanessa Peterson
Teacher: WVS Premier Fashion Industry