What is Early Learning?

Early Learning refers to the emerging and expanding nature of young children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative capacities’ (British Columbia Early Learning Framework 2007, BC Ministry of Education).

4 areas of the BC Early Learning Framework are;

  • Well being and Belonging
  • Exploration and Creativity
  • Language and Literacies
  • Social Responsibility and Diversity

The early years are a critically important time in human development. ‘We now understand how early child and brain development sets trajectories in the health, learning and behavior for life’ (J. Fraser Mustard). There are five extremely important tenets in the human development research that underlies work in the field of Early Learning;

  1. Early experiences shape brain development.
  2. Brain development strongly influences learning, behavior, and health throughout life.
  3. The early years are a period of heightened opportunities and increased risks.
  4. Families and communities matter.
  5. Early child development programs can make a significant difference.

(Exert: Early Years Study 2: Putting Science into Action, M. McCain, F. Mustard & S. Shaker, March 2007)


What is Early Learning at West Vancouver Schools?

Early Learning represents West Vancouver School’s commitment to each and every young student in our community – to be exposed to nurturing, stimulating and exciting learning environments in our schools. This means we work with our families and our community preschool providers to ensure that our youngest learners are welcomed into our schools before they begin Kindergarten.

Early Learning encompasses social, emotional, physical and academic programming for 0-8 year old children in West Vancouver Schools. Following the BC Ministry of Education curriculum and the BC Early Learning Framework, plus current research by experts in the Early Childhood Education field, our primary classrooms focus on play based, emotionally supportive, academically stimulating, language enriched dynamic programming.

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The early years of human development establish the basic architecture and function of the brain. Each subsequent stage of human development depends on the preceding stage and builds the foundation for the years to come.
~ Dr. Fraser Mustard

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