Student Admissions

Lions Bay Community School is pleased to accept applications for children entering Kindergarten to Grade 3 who reside both within and outside of the West Vancouver School District.

Please read West Vancouver Schools’ student admission guidelines for more information.

When to Apply

Although priority is given based on catchment location to applicants following the timeline listed below, we appreciate that circumstances sometimes require late registration and encourage you to contact our office at 604-921-8311 to inquire about our late registration policy and to join our wait list.

Please note: waitlists are not carried over from year to year.

Admission for the 2018 – 2019 school year is ongoing.

Admission for the 2019 – 2020 school year begins in the fall, according to the following timelines:

​OCT 15, 2018 – MARCH 1, 2018

  • ​All applicants entering Kindergarten (including in-catchment, out-of-catchment and out-of-district) and all in-catchment applicants entering Grades 1 to 3


  • All out-of-catchment and out-of-district applicants entering Grades 1 to 3

Current students do not need to re-apply.

How to Apply

Simply click here to submit an online application form. Please note that all applications are completed online and will be date and time stamped at the point of online submission.

Important: Applications are not considered complete until you have submitted all supporting documentation to the school office. Students with incomplete applications will not receive offers nor be placed on waitlists.

Supporting Documentation

After submitting an application online, we request that you bring the following original documentation to the Lions Bay School office so a copy can be made to complete your registration package:

NB. Documents must be presented in person by a parent or legal guardian, not another family member, caregiver or friend. Relocation and/or real estate agents are not permitted to act independently for parents.


  • Child’s original birth certificate (long form birth certificate if available)

B. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP (required for both student and parents)

  • Child’s original birth certificate; Canadian passport, or Canadian Immigration or Citizenship documents
  • Canadian Immigration or Citizenship documents for at least one birth parent or legal guardian (not custodian)
  • Please bring passports if available


These documents must contain one of the parent/guardians’ names, at the residential address shown on the application and must be current.  Utility bills must show the residential (service) address. Some schools may require three pieces of primary residential documentation.

Please note: purchase agreements are considered valid as of the closing date noted, and tenancy agreements are considered valid as of the start date specified in the length of tenancy section. Business addresses are not acceptable for admissions purposes.

Primary Proof of Residence (minimum two pieces)

  1. A minimum of one of the following showing parent/guardian names at address cited:
  • Completed Purchase Agreement
  • Completed Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Most recent BC Property Assessment notice
  • Most recent Property Tax Notice


2. A minimum of one of the following:

  • A current residential utility bill addressed to one of the parents/guardians at the address cited. This may include:
    • Municipal metered utility statement
    • BC Hydro bill
    • Fortis BC bill
    • Cable TV or Internet provider bill
    • Homeowner / tenants’ insurance for the address cited
    • Landline telephone bill (cell phone bills will not be accepted as primary proof)
  • Homeowner or tenant’s insurance documents for the address cited, with at least one of the parents/guardians as the named insured


Please note: If your primary proof of residence is incomplete, you are required to provide secondary proof


Secondary Proof of Residence (minimum three pieces)

If all utilities are included in the tenancy agreement, you will be required to provide secondary information to confirm your address. Documents must show the name of at least one parent/guardian at the residential address cited on the application:

  • Bank account statement
  • Credit card bill (ideally from a different bank than the account statement)
  • Cell phone bill
  • Government identification showing address cited (BC driver’s licence, BC Identification, or BC Services Card only)
  • ** BC Driver’s licence with an address sticker will be accepted as a fourth piece of supplementary documentation ONLY **


If you are living temporarily with friends or family and you do not have a tenancy agreement, you will be required to provide the following:

  • A notarized letter, signed by the homeowner and student’s parent (s), confirming the owner’s name and full address of the residence, and the names of the family members living with them, along with an estimated duration of the arrangement.
  • ONE of the following: the most recent property tax bill or property tax assessment, or municipal metered utility bill supporting ownership
  • Three pieces of supplementary documentation that show the student’s parent’s name(s) and the address cited. These can include: bank statement, tenant’s insurance, credit card bill (ideally from a different bank than the statement), mobile phone bill, or government identification (BC driver’s licence, BC identification, or BC Services Card). A BC driver’s licence with an address sticker will be accepted as a fourth piece of supplementary documentation only.


  • An original and completed Order from the BC Supreme Court or BC Provincial Court must be presented to the school to confirm any particular guardianship, parental responsibilities, parenting time, or custody agreement pertaining to the child. *Please ensure that all pages for the Order are included. We are not able to accept partial or incomplete Orders.*
  • If there is a court order issued outside of the province of British Columbia, please provide an original and complete document from the issuing jurisdiction. This will be reviewed by the school administration.
  • If one parent is deceased, please provide a death certificate if possible



  • Original report card from the previous school year



  • Child’s Immunization Record as well as any other important health documents