District Honour Choir In-Person Audition Requirements

In-Person Audition Requirements

  1. Sing “Oh Canada” unaccompanied in English. Students are able to sing in a key that best highlights their voice.
  2. Sing the vocal exercise, “Mee, May, Mah, Moh, Moo” unaccompanied from the student’s lowest comfortable note to the student’s highest comfortable note, as per the example below. Students are to demonstrate their full vocal range as this information is used for placing ‘voices’ in the choir (e.g., Soprano 1, Tenor 2, etc.)

Mee, May, Mah, Moo Example:


3. Sing a chromatic scale unaccompanied up and down a Major 3rd. An example is provided below.

Chromatic Scale Example:


The Process:

Once the in-person audition is complete, parents will be contacted regarding acceptance into the program. Once acceptance into the program is granted, parents will receive ongoing communication about the details of the program and the schedule as we prepare for the new school year.

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Admissions for the 24/25 school year are openClick here for eligibility and timelines