District Honour Choir Online Audition Requirements

Part 1- Audio Uploads

  1. Sing “Oh Canada” (unaccompanied) in a key that you feel best highlights your voice.
    • Please sing in English
  2. Mee, May, Mah, Moh, Moo 
    • Sing this vocal exercise unaccompanied from your lowest comfortable note to your highest comfortable note, as per the given example.
    • Be sure to demonstrate your full vocal range.  This is very important for placing your voice in the choir (Soprano 1, Tenor 2, etc).
    • Listen to the example below:
  3. Chromatic Scale
    • Sing a chromatic scale unaccompanied up and down a Major 3rd, as per the given example.

Part 2- Document Uploads

  1. Submit a copy of your most recent report card.
  2. Submit the following assignment as a PDF:

“Why I Think I Am A Good Candidate for the District Honour Choir”: Written Assignment Criteria

Dear Candidates for the District Honour Choir,

We would really like to make sure that the students selected for this special choir are not only the strongest singers in the district, but are also the students who will be fully committed to a group of this high caliber.  It is necessary that all students in the District Honour Choir demonstrate a love of rehearsing and performing music to the best of their ability and collaborate well with their peers. 

In order to help the audition committee get to know you better, in addition to your audition, we would like to know why you think you would be a good candidate for this special, auditioned choir.  Please write/type a few paragraphs (maximum length is one page) outlining why you are a good candidate for the District Honour Choir.  In your written response, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why you want to join the District Honour Choir?
  2. Why do you love singing in choir?
  3. What makes you a good candidate for the group/what could you contribute to the group?
  4. What would your personal goals be as a member of the District Honour Choir?
  5. What goals would you have for the group?

We are so excited to hear each and every one of you singing at the upcoming auditions.  

Best of luck to you,

Mrs. Suzanne Fulton 

Online Audition

Click the button below when you are ready to submit your Audition. Please note that you will need to sign in with a Google account to complete this form. If you do not have a Google account please contact Mrs. Suzanne Fulton – sfulton@wvschools.ca

Candidates will be notified within 2 weeks of acceptance, however placement into specific choirs might not be be made until August.


District Honour Choir Program Leader
Mrs. Suzanne Fulton

Submit your online audition here