Honour Choir Application – 2021/2022 School Year

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  • Course Pre-requisites:

    • Experience singing in a choir (either school or community)
    • Knowledge of basic music theory (e.g. note names, basic note values, basic dynamics and articulation markings)
    • Must be enrolled in their school choir for the year in which they are registered for the District Honour Choir; NO EXCEPTIONS will be made, so plan your schedules accordingly. The course will run on Tuesday afterschool and evening, depending on the choir.
    • Availability for concerts and extra rehearsals outside of regular class time (schedule provided at the start of each term)

    Please note:

    There is a $200 materials fee for this course. This group will also travel each year (either locally or abroad) to attend festivals, workshops and performances. The cost for our annual trip (anywhere from $250-$5000, depending on our destination) is in addition to the $200 course fee. For 2020/2021 we are planning an international tour with an approximate cost of $4000 per student.


District Honour Choir Program Leader
Mrs. Suzanne Fulton