AP 185 – Records Management

A records management program will be maintained to provide control over the quality and quantity of information produced by the District, from its creation until its disposal, for legal, fiscal and historical purposes. Proper custody, storage and disposal of records shall comply with statutory requirements.
Federal and provincial statutes require varying retention periods for different financial and related records.

1. The Records Retention Schedule (Administrative Procedure 185 – Appendix) outlines the retention periods for records.
2. A paper recycling program will be operated in all District offices and facilities.
3. While all paper products eligible for recycling will be recycled, those records of a financial nature will be shredded prior to pick up by the recycling firm.
4. It is the responsibility of the Secretary Treasurer to obtain any approvals for destruction of records related to provincial and federal acts (Taxation, Excise, UIC).
5. Electronic images must be kept in an electronically readable format as per federal and provincial statutes.
6. The off-site management and security of all images and records, both physical and electronic, must comply with the procedures as laid out in Administrative Procedure #147: Protection of School District Records When Working Away From The Workplace.

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