AP 183 – Parent email databases
The District recognizes that it is becoming increasingly important to connect electronically with parents. The District also recognizes that FOIPPA regulations guarantee that private information provided to the school, including personal e-mail addresses, is not to be shared without explicit permission and used only for the purposes as outlined in Personal Information Release agreement. Procedures in this area will ensure that personal information is protected, and shared only with those entitled to have access to the database.
1. Each school will maintain a current e-mail database of parents through MyEDBC, the school’s student information management system.
2. The primary means of electronic communication to parents from any group affiliated with the school will be through the school’s office.
3. Parents will be asked to give permission to have their e-mail addresses shared with the school’s PAC, class liaisons, and where appropriate, school event organizers. Parents may choose to opt in or out of this list in any particular year or at any point during the school year.
4. Where consent has been given, parent e-mail addresses may be shared, where appropriate, with the PAC Chair or designate, class liaisons, and school event organizers.
1.1 In order to ensure clear, consistent and effective communication, the following guidelines will be applied in each school:
Each year, the Principal and the PAC Chair (or designate) will have a meeting to discuss communication plans for the year including the frequency and format of communication, and obligations under both CASL and FOIPPA.
a) Consent obtained using the Personal Information Release form at the beginning of the year specifically excludes the use of data for commercial purposes.
b) Use of the database to send electronic communication that includes fundraising, ticket sales, requests for donations or events that may have a commercial component is not permitted unless the PAC Chair has taken measures to comply with the Canadian AntiSpam Legislation (CASL), enacted on July 1, 2014.
1.2 Only the PAC Chair (or designate), class liaisons, and school event organizers may be granted access, where appropriate, to the parent e-mail database (or parts thereof), and the database will not be shared with others.
1.3 All electronic communications to parents must be approved by the Principal.
1.4 All electronic communication will ensure that individuals’ privacy is protected.
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