AP 165 – School Based and/or School District-Wide
The District will provide emergency safety procedures for its staff and students. It recognizes the value of emergency awareness and supports educational programs designed to heighten this awareness.
The District recognizes its role in providing programs and safety procedures that address the personal and physical safety and well-being of students and staff.
A major municipal emergency is defined as one that puts an excessive strain on emergency responses and may require support from services outside the municipality. It may result from a major event such as a fire or explosion, earthquake, rail car or road transportation accident, flood, forest fire or severe storm.
1. In the event of a major municipal emergency in the area of a school while the school is in session, it may be necessary to evacuate students and staff. In this case, students may be released to go home via student release policy and procedures or students will be kept at their school until released using district release procedures.
2. The decision to evacuate a building will be made by the Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent and the local fire and police departments. In some instances these agencies may be required to assist with an evacuation.
3. In the event of an earthquake, fire, or major emergency, and if communications are impaired, parents are advised to listen to the local media for information regarding their child’s school, e.g. CKNW radio.
4. If parents are advised of an evacuation, they are to proceed to the school when safe to do so unless otherwise directed. At the school they will be requested to sign a release so that their child can leave the school. Listen to local radio stations for information in cases where community communications networks are not working.
5. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with each school’s emergency procedures for student release.
6. In an emergency, the decision to designate a school as a reception centre would be made by the Emergency Social Services Director in consultation with the School District and first responders (fire, police, ambulance, etc.)
7. Schools may be designated as potential Emergency Reception Centres. If a school is selected for use as a Reception Centre, the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will contact the Facilities Department of School District 45 during the day at 604-981-1075 and after hours will contact the Director of Facilities or the Facilities Supervisor.
8. The Director of Facilities or designate will open the school and manage the operation of the reception centre facilities, and will be responsible to the Director of Emergency Social Services to ensure the facilities are able to function as a reception centre.
9. Pre-emergency planning is available to the schools through the North Shore Emergency Management Office from the North Shore Schools Emergency Planning Coordinator.
North Shore Schools Emergency Planning Coordinator.
North Shore Emergency Management Office, 147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2N4 phone: (604) 983-7440 fax: (604) 985-3733 e-mail: nsemo@cnv.org
Legal Reference: Sections 20, 22, 65, 85 School Act
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