AP 153 – Canvassing in Schools

Community and charitable organizations of a non-profit and non-commercial nature may approach schools regarding fund-raising activities.

Canvassing in schools by charitable organizations may offer students an opportunity to participate in, and make a contribution to, worthwhile community endeavours.

1. District wide applications to canvass in schools must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval.
2. As has long been tradition in the District, permission will be granted to the Royal Canadian Legion to place poppies, coin boxes and posters in the schools prior to Remembrance Day.
3. All applications from outside organizations to advertise or canvass in schools must be presented to the Principal for approval.
4. If a complaint is made about canvassing in a school, the Principal will try to resolve the complaint. If a mutually acceptable solution can’t be found, the complainant may raise the issue with the Superintendent of Schools.
5. The Superintendent, at the Superintendent’s discretion, will periodically notify the Board of organizations canvassing in the schools.

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