AP 152 – Ombudsman Inquiries


Senior and school-based administrators will endeavour to assist the provincial Ombudsman in resolving any query made regarding an action, procedure or decision made by the District, an individual school, or an employee of the District.


  1. Ombudsman inquiries received at the District Office will be directed to the Superintendent, who will refer the inquiry as required.
  2. Ombudsman inquiries to a school will be received by the Principal. The Principal will notify the Superintendent immediately of the inquiry. The Superintendent or designate will confer and consult with the Principal. The Principal will provide the Superintendent or designate with copies of all correspondence to or from the Ombudsman.
  3. When appropriate, the Ombudsman’s inquiry will be discussed with the staff involved.


Legal Reference: Sections 17, 20, 22, 23, 65, 85 School Act

Ombudsman Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Collective Agreements

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