AP 151 – Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol


The District recognizes the importance of establishing a process which encourages parents/guardians and employees to communicate honestly and promptly regarding questions, issues or concerns, involving their student’s schooling. The District recognizes that, whenever possible, concerns are best resolved between the employee involved and the parent/guardian. Protocols to address issues are to encourage honest dialogue and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Questions, issues or concerns that parents/guardians may have regarding their child’s schooling are to be dealt with in a manner which reflects mutual respect and fair process. Whenever possible, the District encourages parents/guardians to address concerns directly with the employee involved.


  1. This administrative procedure is intended to deal with all parent or guardian concerns or questions about an employee, communicated to any other employee, except for allegations of criminal misconduct and complaints undertaken under Section 11 of the School Act.
  2. Any parent or guardian initiating a complaint (the complainant) shall be directed first to the employee who is the subject of the complaint. An administrative officer and/or teacher may offer to accompany the complainant to the meeting with the employee.
  3. The employee who initially directs the complainant to the individual who is the subject of the complaint, shall inform that individual that a complainant has been directed to them.
  4. The complainant and the employee who is the subject of the complaint shall meet in an attempt to resolve the complaint.
  5. If a meeting has taken place and the complainant is not satisfied, an administrator whom the employee directly reports to, or their designate, shall meet with the complainant and the employee in an attempt to resolve the matter.
  6. The administrator shall communicate the resolution to all the parties involved as well as outlining the complainant’s right to file an appeal to the Board under Section 11 of the School Act.

Legal Reference:    Sections 11, 17, 20, 22, 65, 85 School Act

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