AP 132 – Weather Closure of Schools


The District will try to keep schools open on every regular instructional day. Any decision to close schools for the safety of students will be made by the Superintendent.

The District has responsibility under the School Act to provide education to its students while ensuring their health and safety.


  1. The decision to close schools or delay their opening will be made by the Superintendent, or when absent, by the designate, after consultation with municipal and District officials as required.
  2. Should a decision be made to close schools or delay opening, the District will post the information on the District website westvancouverschools.ca and will send an electronic message (email) to families and to staff. The District will endeavour to communicate the Superintendent’s decision by 6:00 a.m. on the day of closure.
  3. It is the responsibility of principals or their designate to arrive at school in time to care for any students who may arrive at school. It is the responsibility of the school custodian to arrive at school and ensure that the facilities are safe and operational.
  4. No other staff are required to report to the school on the day of closure but it is expected that they will work from home as this is a paid working day.
  5. Facilities staff, identified by the Director of Facilities, are expected to assist with snow removal or other weather related challenges.
  6. Early dismissal decisions will be made by the Principal in consultation with the Superintendent based on student safety on their return trip home. The school bus operator must be informed.
  7. Principals will ensure that effective notice is given to the parents and students of these procedures each year.

Legal Reference: Sections 20, 22, 65, 73, 85, 90 School Act

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