AP 121 – Review of Administrative Procedures
A regular review of administrative procedures, leads to effective operations within the school system.
1. A review of all administrative procedures will be carried out through the Office of the
Superintendent on a regular basis.
2. The annual review of administrative procedures shall solicit input from the WVTA, WVMEA, WVAA and WVDPAC as necessary depending on the specific topic.
3. Review of a specific administrative procedure may be initiated at any time by a formal request from the Board.
4. The Superintendent shall determine an appropriate process for reviewing a specific administrative procedure when requested to ensure that fair and reasonable consideration is given to the request. It is expected that in most instances such a review will be carried out by the Superintendent, a central office administrator with direct responsibility in that area, and a school-based administrator selected by the Superintendent.
5. Any decisions arising from a review of administrative procedures will be communicated
expeditiously to all affected stakeholders.
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