If you are interested in this program, please complete the Student Information Form.  The Academy Office will then contact you to advise of next steps in the registration process.

The WV Schools’ Premier Soccer Academy is an athlete development program in the public school system that offers young soccer players the opportunity to complete their academic requirements in the morning and participate in soccer skill development training in the afternoon, all during school hours. Open to students in Grades 8-12 enrolled at any of our secondary schools, the program is strictly supplementary to the existing programs run by various community soccer clubs, and this program is not designed to establish or develop teams for competition.

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The Program Concept

The West Vancouver Schools’ Premier Soccer Academy is a wonderful program for the student who wants to develop his/her potential as a high performance athlete or just simply wants to learn and enjoy playing the game. Students enrolled full time at Rockridge, École Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School have the opportunity to pursue the passion of playing soccer, while continuing to receive an excellent education.

Program Specifics

Academic Credits for Students

Students in the Premier Soccer Academy receive credits similar to all the students in the regular program at any one of the three high schools. Through participation in the year-long Soccer Academy students will receive course credits for Physical & Health Education for Grades 8, 9, 10; and Fitness & Conditioning for Grades 11 & 12.

Assessment & Evaluation

Students’ skills and fitness levels are continually monitored. Coaches then work with the students to set goals and objectives for the year.  Our coaching staff plan their lessons and sessions based on the on-going needs or progress of the students. We emphasize to our students the importance of forming good habits for success, not only in soccer, but also in school and in their relationships with others. Students are encouraged to be consistent in areas such as focus, work ethic, and attitude during all training sessions. Within the classroom component, students are monitored and assessed as they are encouraged to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key topics, submit quality class and homework assignments, display excellent overall effort and cooperate well with their peers.

The Premier Soccer Academy provides the following:

  • Premier places for learning: Any one of our 3 Secondary Schools: West Vancouver Secondary, Rockridge Secondary or Ecole Sentinel Secondary Schools
  • Premier facilities: Ambleside All-Weather Fields, Level 10 Fitness,  K-B One Martial Arts (under normal circumstances, the Soccer Academy trains indoors for December and January)
  • WVSD supports the Sports Academy format playing an integral & important role
  • Director of Instruction, along with classroom teachers, closely supervise and monitor student progress both within the Academy as well as within the academic setting
  • Students are transported one-way to the facilities

Excellent, qualified and competent instructors/teachers

  • Ratio of 1 instructor to 8-12 students
  • Goalie instructor for goalkeepers
  • Exposure to soccer-specific training
  • On-going daily assessment all year
  • Parent-teacher interviews offered to parents
  • Course credits:  Physical & Health Education 8, 9 & 10; Physical Education 11 &12
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Fact Sheet

Students must be registered full time at one of the district’s secondary schools:  Rockridge, École Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary.

  • Male/Female/Other
  • Grades 8 – 12
  • A minimum of C+ average is expected academically
  • Good to excellent work habits are expected in each subject area
  • Good to excellence is expected in the area of social responsibility


  • Transportation is provided to Soccer training from each of the West Vancouver Secondary schools i
  • Parents are responsible for pick up at the conclusion of each session at 2:20pm

Additional information on tuition & fees:

  • Clothing Kit: Jacket, pants, t-shirts, jersey; shorts, socks (and optional items).
  • Water bottle: Students are expected to bring a water bottle to all on-field & off-field sessions

Tuition $2750 per year. Fee divided into 10 equal payments @ $275/month x 10 months (Sept. – Jun.)

Acceptance & Eligibility

Please note that registration to the Soccer Academy program is separate from registration to the school itself. Parents whose students are not in-catchment or parents whose students are not attending one of the school’s feeder elementary schools, must also register on-line to the secondary school itself.  In addition, parents of students going into Grades 9-12 must also contact the school’s counsellor to review course selections.

Students selected to participate in the West Vancouver Schools’ Premier Soccer Academy must provide a report card that indicates good progress in academic subject areas, as well evidence of socially responsible behaviour, a good work ethic and an overall positive attitude.

Contact Information

Students interested in the Premier Soccer Academy must complete a Student Information Form.