Outstanding Teacher Recognition Award: Mr. Todd Ablett


Below is an article written by Diane Nelson, our Director of Instruction, Learning & Innovation. To view UBC’s article regarding this event please click here
Photo Credits: Images of both awards up close and the group photo of everyone in attendance belong to The University of British Columbia

The WVS Premier Mechatronics Robotics staff is an outstanding ‘dream team’ of teachers who are accomplished, experienced, and passionate about this area of work for our students.

Most recently, Mr. Todd Ablett, was selected by the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia as one of two recipients of this year’s McEwen Family Teacher Recognition Award.

This award was established in 2010 by Dr. James (Jim) McEwen and his family. Jim is an accomplished biomedical engineer who received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from UBC in 1971, followed by his PhD in 1975. He and his family are strong supporters of Applied Science and teachers across Canada.

The Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia is honoured to work with the McEwen family to deliver this program that boosts the appreciation of teachers like Todd Ablett. This Faculty takes pride in being a part of the community-wide effort to recognize the role and the importance of educators to our future generations. Todd was chosen to receive this award as he exemplifies our values by investing his time and energy into ensuring his students succeed, not just academically but personally and are celebrated for their work.

Mr. Todd Ablett was recognized on the UBC Campus Friday, October 7th to celebrate the award with Faculty leadership, Dr. McEwen and his family, along with the student nominators. A huge thank you to former Premier Mechatronics Robotics student, Josh White for his support of this amazing teacher.

A huge congratulations to Mr. Todd Ablett for continuing to not only work with the students in the Robotics Academy, but also for his leadership and mentorship of his many colleagues as well.

A complete photo gallery of The McEwen Family Teacher Recognition Award event is provided below

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