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The Premier Baseball Academy is another example of West Vancouver Schools’ commitment to facilitating increased access to athlete development through pathways in education. We recognize that sport is a viable pathway to meet numerous educational, societal and personal objectives.

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High level athletics

Participation in sports at a high level is a viable pathway for students to meet their educational, social and personal objectives. Access to excellent instruction, coaching, training and facilities, along with a close partnership with Inside Performance provides high level skill development to students during the school day. The program is endorsed by Baseball Canada, Douglas College and UBC Baseball.


  • To give each student-athlete the opportunity to reach full potential as both a player and a student.

To work in partnership with Inside Performance to:

  • Provide students with baseball skill development training
  • Train in an outstanding indoor facility
  • Access excellent instruction & coaching
  • To improve physical fitness and to encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Use the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guidelines to provide age- appropriate instruction for the student-athletes to ensure injury prevention.
  • Emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for fellow players, coaches and officials.
  • To provide opportunities to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and abilities in the sport of baseball.
  • To encourage students to have a life long involvement in baseball, albeit as a player, coach or official.
  • Provide awareness of opportunities in baseball at Canadian and American Universities and Colleges.
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The Program Concept

This program offers students the opportunity to complete their academic requirements as well as receive course credits by participating in baseball skill development training.

The Premier Baseball Academy is a choice program offered to students who are registered at any one of our three secondary schools: Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary.

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Fact Sheet

This program is:

  • Designed for boys, Grades 8-12, registered as full time students at Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School. It should be noted that while this program is currently designed for males, we encourage interested females to contact us for an assessment.
  • Conducive to ensuring students receiving their full academic requirements. In the Semester System, the baseball skill development training occurs on Tuesday & Thursday during X Block periods from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Strictly supplementary to the existing programs run by various outside baseball club teams.
  • Focused on academic achievement, individual skill improvement and overall character development.
  • Motivating for students due to the tremendous experience & knowledge of the coaching staff, providing a variety of ‘game-like’ opportunities for the student-athletes.

Tuition: $5250 per year. The fee is divided into 10 equal payments @ $525 per month x 10 months (September – June).

Requirements & Registration

The Premier Academy is a wonderful program for the student who wants to develop his potential as a high performance athlete or just for the student who simply wants to learn and enjoy playing the game. Students registered full time at Rockridge, Ecole Sentinel, or West Vancouver Secondary have the opportunity to pursue their interest in playing baseball, while continuing to receive an excellent education. So, for the ‘baseball passionate’ student, we are very excited to continue to offer this very unique and excellent quality program.

Students selected to participate in West Vancouver Schools’ Premier Academy must provide a report card that indicates very good progress in academic subject areas, as well evidence of socially responsible behaviour, an excellent work ethic and an overall positive attitude.

Assessment & Evaluation

We Care

In our academy programs, we care about our students. We work to ensure a welcoming environment, one that helps ensure students feel a sense of belonging as the participate in the programs.

We implement a variety of strategies to help students identify individual goals and then we strive to help students meet those individual goals, reflecting on their ongoing journeys along the way.

Academy Assessment

Assessment provides a process to:

Inform instructional practices

  • Examine the effectiveness of our instruction
  • Identify areas to target instructional support
  • Monitor progress of the students


WVS Premier Academy assessment aligns with West Vancouver’s guiding Assessment Principles. We strive to do the following:

Timely and Ongoing 

  • Adapt coaching/instruction to meet the needs of all students
  • Conduct ongoing informal assessment (providing ongoing one-on-one feedback) throughout the year, and communicating formally to parents & students during regularly scheduled reporting periods

Clear and Intentional

  • The focus is on quality instruction for all students


  • Plan with the goal to deliver lessons that are designed to meet the needs of the students’ various skill levels & abilities

Communicate Student Learning

  • Provide ongoing feedback to students; offer the ongoing open-door policy for parents; and communicate regularly and consistently, meaningful feedback to students & families

Shared Responsibility

  • Academy personnel work together to identify best practices & to meet the ongoing needs of all students in the programs

Contact Information:

Ms. Diane Nelson
Director of Instruction, Learning & Innovation

Ms. Tara Ledingham
Assistant, WVS Premier Academies

Students interested in the Premier Baseball Academy must submit the Student Information Form.

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