If you are interested in this program, please complete the Student Information Form. The Academy Office will contact you to complete the registration process.

Come on out to participate in the best baseball program in the lower mainland. Not only do student-athletes maximize their health and sport performance under the guidance of outstanding former Major League Baseball, National Team Athletes, and Elite Performance Coaches, but the value is understanding and mapping out a pathway for the athlete post-secondary.

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The Value is in the Future Pathway

Students participate in the Baseball Academy not only because they love the sport of baseball, but also because they want to move to the next level, be the best they can be, and to have a lot of fun along the way with like-minded peers.

What makes the WVS Premier Baseball Academy the best value in the lower mainland is not only our outstanding coaching staff and facilities, but also our ability to provide parents and families with a detailed guide that helps inform students with the best pathway forward from high school to post-secondary and beyond. We are excited to work with families to sharing important baseball knowledge and information to help students realize their goals and aspirations.


  • To give each student-athlete the opportunity to reach full potential as both a player and a student.

To work in partnership with Inside Performance to:

  • Provide students with baseball skill development training
  • Train in an outstanding indoor facility
  • Access excellent instruction & coaching
  • To improve physical fitness and to encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Use the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guidelines to provide age- appropriate instruction for the student-athletes to ensure injury prevention.
  • Emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for fellow players, coaches and officials.
  • To provide opportunities to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and abilities in the sport of baseball.
  • To encourage students to have a life long involvement in baseball, albeit as a player, coach or official.
  • Provide awareness of opportunities in baseball at Canadian and American Universities and Colleges.
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The Program Concept

The WVS Premier Baseball Academy is one of the district’s special programs offered to students who are registered full time in any one of the three secondary schools: Rockridge, École Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary School.

The West Vancouver School District runs a linear schedule. This unique schedule allows athletes the opportunity to complete their academic coursework in the mornings and then to participate in baseball training sessions each afternoon, receiving Ministry courses for graduation purposes.

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Fact Sheet

This program is:

  • Designed to be inclusive accepting students, Grades 8-12 who have played the sport for a while and have a passion to become more proficient in the game.
  • This Academy will provide student-athletes with more practice time in their overall skill development, and also increase their overall physical fitness levels.
  • The indoor facility is one of the best in the province, providing outstanding opportunities for the students to receive immediate feedback on their overall skill development, not only from the coaching staff, but also from the end technology resources that the facility provides the students.
  • The is a unique program for the student who wants to develop as a high-performance athlete yet maintain excellence in the overall academics.

Fee: $400 per month x 10 months (September – June). The total cost of the program is divided equally into 10 equal payments.

Total: $4000/year

Requirements & Registration

Students are welcome to the Indoor Facility to check it out and to have a chance to participate. Simply, complete a Student Information Form and parents will be contacted through the Academy Office to learn more about the program.

Meeting Individual Goals Through Intentional Planning

Do not miss this opportunity to participate in this outstanding Baseball Academy. The staff is experienced and committed to ensuring a welcoming environment for the athletes, one that helps ensure students feel a sense of belonging as they participate and train all year long.

We implement a variety of strategies and use a variety of resources to help students identify individual goals and then work to meet those individual goals, reflecting on their ongoing journeys along the way.

Contact Information:

Ms. Diane Nelson
Director of Instruction, Learning & Innovation

Ms. Tara Ledingham
Assistant, WVS Premier Academies

Students interested in the Premier Baseball Academy must submit the Student Information Form.

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