A natural decision for education

Vicky Naranjo

Vicky Naranjo and her husband made a deliberate choice to move to Canada, and moved again to the North Shore when her eldest child reached school age. It was a natural decision for the Angel-Naranjos, who value close relationships, strong community and linguistic diversity.

“My husband and I chose West Vancouver Schools for the great overall academic performance and the quality of the programs. We chose Cedardale because of the feeling we got when visited the school… we were extremely impressed by how kids interacted at the playground and by Mme Linda Vaartnou — she was very kind, welcoming and answered all our questions showing care and knowledge.”

Vicky was in a strong position to judge the quality of the program, people and school, since she herself works in the International Education field as a student counsellor and HR advisor, where her family founded and runs LTSM, an independent K-12 award-winning school in Columbia with a focus on Arts and Environmental Sciences.

Her two daughters – Juliana in Grade 6 and Alicia in Grade 1 at Cedardale – are fluent in Spanish, French and English.

“Languages provide many social and intellectual opportunities, and those who go through this program become more aware and open to cultural connections.”

Vicky had some reservations at first, having heard the common misconception that her kids might not learn English as well or as quickly in an immersion environment — but those concerns were soon put to rest.

“Every child’s development is different, but the beauty of the brain is that kids manage to put it together really quickly. Now they have the additional opportunities to travel, communicate with peers all over the world, and the knowledge that whatever they do in life, this program will ease their path and enrich that experience.”

Vicky and her husband value their daughters’ engagement and learning achievements at school, which she believes are the result of exceptional teachers and staff who love what they do in a nurturing school community.

“Having the best experiences with our older daughter and a strong sense of belonging made the decision to choose French Immersion for our second daughter natural,” says Vicky. We will continue with the French Immersion program at Sentinel in the future. As family we have met wonderful friends at Cedardale and would love to continue raising our girls surrounded by all these very special people.”

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