The West Vancouver School Student Council currently has more than 40 students participating with a minimum of 10 participants from each of the district’s three secondary schools.

Back row L to R: Qayam Devji (Events Officer) (RR), Trevor Zakus (Vice President) (WVSS), Nicholas Warke (President) (RR), Jonathan Bi (Information Technology Officer) (SE), Liam Grant (YAHU Officer) (RR) and Michael Ji (Secretary-Communications Officer) (RR)
Front row L to R:
Michelle Cheung (Vice President) (SE), Claire Haston (Secretary-Communications Officer) (SE), Malcolm Celmainis (WVSB Representative) (SE), Abbey Sewell (Student Issues) (SE), CJ Concepcion (Public Relations) (SE) and Nancy Jiang (WVSB Representative) (WVSS) on the photo.

Our Executive

Nicholas Warke (RR)

Vice Presidents:
Trevor Zakus (WVSS)
Michelle Cheung (SE)

Secretary-Communications Officers:
Claire Haston (SE)
Michael Ji (RR)

Events Officer:
Qayam Devji  (RR)

Student Issues Officer:
Abbey Sewell  (SE)

Public Relations Officer:
CJ Concepcion  (SE)

Information Technology Officer:
Jonathan Bi  (SE)

WVSB Representatives:
Malcolm Celmainis (SE)
Nancy Jiang (WVSS)

YAHU Officer:
Liam Grant  (RR)

Staff Adviser:
Rebecca Rowley

Meetings and Minutes

The Council meets 3-5pm on the third Tuesday of the month at ILC (Inglewood Learning Centre). The Executive meets at least one week prior to those meetings to determine agenda items.


The Council is governed by a Constitution that outlines the organization’s mandate and the duties and responsibilities of its members.