Substance Misuse and Prevention Websites

National Anti-Drug Strategy

Thrive! The Canadian Centre for Positive Youth Development

BC Mental Health & Addiction Services – Kelty Resource Centre

Centre for Addictions Research of BC

Parenting Quick Sheets  (pdf)

Reflection Exercise on Protective Factors in Your Child’s Life

Party tips for parents

Signs and symptoms

Creating a parent network


The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen. By Robert Epstein; Ph. D.

Marijuana: What’s a Parent to Believe? By Timmen L. Cermak

Parenting for Prevention: How to Raise a Child to Say No to Alcohol and Other Drugs : for Parents, Teachers, and Other Concerned Adults. By David J. Wilmes, Cyril A. Reilly

Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence. By Mitch Earleywine