The Super Achievers Program was established in 1983 to accommodate students competing and/or performing at a provincial or national level in the arts and athletics, and is available to students at all three secondary schools. Students are able to acquire an education while pursuing other endeavours in private training programs.

Highlights of the Super Achievers program include:

  1. External course credits granted for training after a coach/instructor has verified that the student has met objectives which are equivalent to the course.
  2. Fixed blocks each afternoon which can be scheduled as training blocks for students on the Super Achievers Program.

The Super Achievers Program is open to provincially or nationally-ranked athletes or high-calibre performing artists who are seriously committed to their education and training. The minimum requirement is 20 hours/week of supervised training. All candidates must submit a letter from their coach/trainer indicating provincial/national ranking and verifying hours of supervised training. Students must also be in good standing in their classes with no unexcused absences and good work habits.

NOTE: Students new to the school must first apply to register at one of our three high schools by the application deadline – prior to submitting a Super Achiever Application. All Super Achiever forms and documentation are available on each school’s website and must be submitted by¬†March 13, 2015.

All applications for super achievers will be reviewed by a district panel in April. Successful applicants will be notified by the 3rd week of April. Students will not be given Super Achiever blocks until all documents are received.

PE 10/ Planning 10 Graduation Requirements

  • Grade 10 Super Achievers are reminded that PE 10 & Planning 10 are required courses for graduation. If not taken in-school, students must complete these courses via high school blended options,¬†online from VSB or at summer school.
For more information and application forms, please contact:

Rockridge Secondary at (604) 981-1300

Ecole Sentinel Secondary at (604) 981-1130

West Vancouver Secondary at (604) 981-1100