Growing partnerships in education

February 16, 2015 - 4 minutes read

trustee-carolyn-broady-lgWhen parents bring their children to us for the day, numerous people are involved in making sure they get the best education possible. The individuals most visible among them are your children’s teachers and the support staff who work with students daily. However, many others, both in the schools, and throughout the community, are involved in delivering an exceptional school experience, which is why the Board of Education has made relationship-building one of its top priorities.

Our community is diverse, but also very connected. Each organization that partners with the Board to build a stronger foundation for education is critical for success, because the insight we glean broadens our perspective and provides unique ‘made in West Vancouver’ solutions when we look at new programs and enhanced opportunities to deliver education.

As the elected representatives for education in this district, one of our primary objectives is to deliver an education that not only exceeds expectations, but also creates a foundation of excellence for each student. We meet this objective by incorporating what we know has ‘always worked’ within an open, flexible and inclusive environment. This approach allows us to respond to changing community needs while leveraging our people and resources to benefit students.

As stewards of the education system, we really are involved in creating the next generation of leaders; as such, student success is the driving force behind all the small and large things that happen in the district, and is always top of mind when we work with our partners. What has become increasingly clear is that no matter how much the education system changes, and no matter how obscure the politics may sometimes seem, we owe much of the credit for our success to our educational and community partners, who generously share their expertise and vision to enhance educational opportunities at the school and district levels.

trustees-2014-lgRecently, the Board met with the West Vancouver Teachers’ Association (WVTA) executive and discussed a number of important topics, including student mental health as well as enhancing ways to support Aboriginal learning and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students. The work we are doing in each of these areas is impressive, but we know that teachers offer a unique perspective on each of these issues, and we are pleased to have their involvement as we move forward.

We have meetings scheduled this month with the West Vancouver Administrators’ Association (WVAA), the West Vancouver District Parents’ Advisory Council (WVDPAC), the West Vancouver Memorial Library (WVML) and the Kay Meek Theatre – all of which will guide us in our work as we develop the strategic plan this spring.

Recently, I met with West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith, and we found much common ground where we can continue to work together to support young people in our community. We are committed to working towards common goals and continuing to build a vibrant and unique community here in West Vancouver, and it is critical to have the support of our municipal partners on the issues that matter to all residents.

We are grateful for the support from our community, our teachers, our parents and all the organizations that represent the many voices in West Vancouver; together we get to deliver a world-class education for every student.


Carolyn Broady, Chair
West Vancouver Board of Education