Busy, happy, joyful work

March 2, 2017 - 4 minutes read


Susie Chubb, administrative assistant at École Pauline-Johnson, is the kind of person that all employers think of when they write a job posting with the words ‘must thrive in a fast-paced environment’. After more than two decades in hospitality, working at a fine dining restaurant that caters to some of Vancouver’s most demanding diners, Susie landed a perfect job at West Vancouver Schools, and recently celebrated five years with the district.

Her work with the district started on a casual basis, working as Supervision Aide at Sentinel, Support Clerk at École Pauline Johnson and Receptionist at WVSS. Through it all, she maintained a night position at a north shore restaurant, finally leaving the sector permanently in December 2016. Her full-time role as the Administrative Assistant for the school began in September 2015, and she loves being on the same schedule as her husband, who is a teacher.

She describes the work – and the pace – as dynamic at each of the sites, and she is grateful that she’s had the opportunity to hone skills in so many areas. While working at WVSS in reception, one of the first recess breaks in September was a memorable one, as the lineup of student, parents and staff flowing through the office in a 15 minute time frame, was just like the fast-paced Saturday nights in the restaurant industry, all crunched into 15 minutes!


Amelia Hague, Grade 7 and Misha Logan, Grade 6, stop in before the bell to visit Susie.

“I tried a variety of jobs at the start of my time in the district, and found my niche here at the elementary level,” says Susie. “I have always enjoyed a fast paced work place, and with a background in the hospitality industry, the skills transferred beautifully to this work environment.”

Susie, whose shifts in the restaurant industry were completely opposite those of her husband and children for so many years, was drawn into education to spend more time together with her husband and their three children, now aged 10, 15 and 17. Her transition to the education sector has been supported by an incredible network of support within schools.

“There is amazing support from other Administrative Assistants in the District, who have helped me immensely in my job, learning the processes and systems,” says Susie. “They are always ready to help with a phone call or email that allowed me to pick up the job more quickly, and has been so much appreciated!”

Susie’s office, located in the primary end of the school is always open to students, and it’s easy for younger students to connect. As they get older, they know that if they ever need anything, Madame Susie is their first stop.

Susie loves to cook, eat good food and be outside, and can be found camping or boating with her family in her spare time, or in a hot yoga studio to unwind and stay fit. We are so grateful to have her share her skills and enthusiasm with the school and district community.