Innovation Projects Celebration 2016

The Innovation Celebration in West Vancouver highlights the inquiry projects of teacher teams throughout the district. These teams include school-based groups, interdisciplinary teams, partnering school teams and district teams. This year, there were 53 innovation teams participating, involving more than 300 teachers.

Some Topics:

-Maker Spaces
-Learning Commons
-Math in the Real World
-Collaborative Inquiry through Sense of Place
-SS and Science interdisciplinary projects
-Visible Thinking
-Community Art – Urban/Rural connections
-Multimodal Learning Opportunities
-Aboriginal Education through Inquiry
-QR Codes in the Classroom
-Aboriginal Education through the Arts
-Theatre Production
-Careers – International Students
-Outdoor Education
-District Community Gardening Teams

Lynne Tomlinson, Director of Instruction, estimates that at least 20 of these will continue next year.

The district’s annual innovation project celebration took place at Sentinel on June 8. Each year, the district reviews teaching innovation proposals and provides funding to support the development of unique research projects for teaching staff. Many of the projects are selected to run as pilot programs, and have led to important shifts in teaching and learning throughout the district. For more information on this program for the 2016-2017 year, please contact Lynne Tomlinson or Sean Nosek.